Grey Hill

I had always been creeped out by the house on Grey Hill. So, it was no surprise when new rumors of it being haunted started around school. What was surprising was who the story had happened to.

Becky was the first person to breathlessly tell me about it.  All glittery braces and curly blonde hair, Becky was the most annoying girl in our sophomore class. She shoved her way through the hall, practically knocking other students over with her backpack. "OMG, Kyla, listen, listen, listen."

I slammed my locker shut and forced myself to put on a smile. Becky was irritating, but she was also really nice and didn't deserve half the things people said about her. "What's up?"

"Did you hear what happened at the house on Grey Hill?" She didn't seem aware that people had to push against her backpack to get through. "Marla told Hector and Hector told me that his cousin Chase went there last night and-"

"Becky, calm down." I checked my watch, wishing I hadn't gotten into the conversation. My next class was Geometry. And I sat next to Hatcher Gibson. It was the highlight of my day and I hated to miss a minute of it.

"It's just too juicy!" Becky pulled me by the arm so we could talk near the drinking fountain. "Chase went there with Hatcher Gibson."

"Hatcher?" My face turned red from just saying his name. Becky knew I had a crush on him and it was a secret she said she'd take with her to the grave.

"They went together on a dare and-" Becky was cut off by the bell. "Oh crap, I still have to go to my locker. I'll see you at lunch." She barreled back down the hall, causing people to jump out of the way.

Curious about the rumor, I hurried to class and slid into my seat at the same time Hatcher sat in his. He looked up and nodded with a polite smile. He kind of looked sad. In the two years I'd known him, I'd never worked up the courage to say anything. But maybe, here was my opening... 


The End

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