Gretel and Hansel - Page 2

When they arrived home from school the next afternoon, they were both unsurprised to find their front door locked. Gretel, however, true to her word, had prepared for this. She led Hansel around to the side of their house, where the window into their bedroom was unlocked. She climbed inside, locked it, and beckoned for Hansel – who was too weak to climb up to the second story – to go back around to the front door.

     From there, she moved silently along the hallway, opened the front door and let him in, a broad smile on her face. They gave each other a big high-five.

     Their stepmother was furious that they had managed to get in, but managed to conceal it well. She retreated to her office as soon as dinner was finished, where they heard the sound of a keyboard being thrown across the room. Their father arrived home, joyous, as the decision to lock his children outside had weighed heavily on his conscience.

The End

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