Gretchen - The Very End

April 1st- Gretchen spends most of her time sleeping, and for days maybe even weeks.. she has been sleeping inside.. Mom was worried.. She tapped her daughters shoulders "Wake up, sleepyhead!!". She woke up, "Momma, hi!!!". "Hi sweet pea, are you ok?". "I'm great, I feel fresh, I like sleeping!". "That's nice, you do have to move those limbs of yours though". "Ok". "Would you like to come out with me for a fresh breath of air?" "Sure momma!" And so they walked around their hut. Gretchen wanted to run around since she's never done it before, Siba allowed it. Gretchen ran so far and fast, she was lost. Gretchen: "Momma?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" Gretchen was crying and yelling till her voice couldn't take it anymore: "GRETCHEN, BABY?!?!?!??!". WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!?!". Siba cried herself back to her home and told Harriet. Harriet gazed at the sky, and said to himself "How could this happen to my precious baby?!". They both teared up and had to find her daughter. Siba and Harriet both went separate ways in proximity to their hut in search of finding their beloved daughter. A day later, nothing. They haven't a clue where she is. They have given up. Harriet cant take it any longer. He tells Siba "I cant bare with this anymore". Siba cries and cries and doesn't want to give up so she keeps looking but Harriet cant help her; he's had enough of it already and his legs were aching and paining. A few days later after Siba tries to find her daughter, she has given up too. She lost her. Her precious darling. Her baby whom she loved. Who she cared for. Who she admired. Who she catered too and gave too. It was all gone. Gone away forever. Gretchen is no more. No more to be talked too, no more to be seen, no more to be loved. 

The End

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