Gretchen - And The Trek With Her Father

March 6th - Harriet never really experienced much with his young daughter Gretchen. He wanted to get to know her, and wanted to spend time  with Gretchen. One warm blazing summer day- Gretchen and Harriet went for a swim at Lake Habanakadakalakapakadakacakapakalakacakadakahakajakagakavakamakacakazakanaka. It took them 5 minutes approximately to walk to the lake. When Harriet arrived at the lake with Gretchen finally, Gretchen was absolutely clueless. She had no idea what water was. Dad told her "Hop in, I bet you'll like the cool water! It's refreshing for the soul, body, and mind!". Gretchen listened to her fathers words, she hopped into the pool. She actually liked the water: "Dada, I feel like I am in paradise!". Harriet: "I knew you'd like it!". Gretchen and Harriet stayed in that lake for hours and hours. They discussed what they liked the most in life, Gretchen said that she likes to play with her parents the most outside, Harriet told his daughter that he likes spending time with his mate the most (Siba). As time went by, both of the two tigers relaxed as the sun set down. When it became dark and when the flies and wasps started coming out, they both decided to go back home. When Gretchen & her dad came back home, they saw her mother making a nice stew of vegetables for dinner, and Harriet, Siba and Gretchen all ate together. They talked about how important nutrition is. Gretchen discussed how much she loved her mom and dad dearly. Harriet pointed out to her daughter how important life is. Siba agreed with Harriet. The family stopped eating, they were done and full. They were ready to sleep. They all wished each-other a good night.

The End

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