Gretchen's Life

March 3rd - Harriet and Siba planned on doing many things with their daughter. They wanted to teach her the basics of life, how to survive, and how to do daily life tasks in general. And so they did. As soon as Gretchen woke up from her deep sleep at 7:00 AM in the morning, Siba took Gretchen out for a walk in the wilderness. She saw other tigers too, chimps, all types of birds, and even giraffes! Siba wanted her daughter to know about her surroundings. Siba and Gretchen slowly stumbled across a wood tree that smelled like honey. Gretchen couldn't believe her eyes on what she saw. "Momma, this is amazing!" is what Gretchen told her mother. Siba was thrilled that her daughter got joy out of their little "venture". Unexpectedly, Siba and Gretchen observed a alligator chomping on a donkey. Soon after, Gretchen asked her mother if all animals have to kill other animals in order to eat, Siba answered her daughter with confusion "Uh, no". Siba did not want her daughter to know about how food was gotten at such a young age because she thought it'd scare Gretchen. Gretchen and Siba walked along the dirt covered path in the jungle on their way back home. Gretchen noticed something a bit odd.. She saw these little "crawling thingys" beneath her legs and feet, keep in mind, this was her first time outside in the wilderness since she was born. Siba explained to Gretchen: "Darling, don't ever touch those, they are called insects. You never know where they come from, if they are poisonous, and how unsanitary they are. Always be cautious on where you step. Some insects can even bite you if the insects feel threatened by you, so be careful honey!". Gretchen got the shivers. A few minutes later, the two finally arrived home. Gretchen was indeed tired, so she took a nap.

The End

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