Chapter 2

"Greta, wake up sleepy pants."Brandon said laughing at my usualy silky hair that was now in knots.

"Okay."I yawned.

I got up from the beach towel and went over to Brandon.

"Did we stay here all night?" I asked him.

"Yeah, is everything okay."he told me.

"I'm fine, just my parents will be freakin out probably right now."I told him with a sigh.

He handed me his phone, because my strist parents never gave me one.

"Greta?"my mom's voice said through the phone.

"Yes, it's me."I said.

"Oh, Greta. I thought you had died."my mom said crying.

"No, I am at the beach with Brandon. Can he drive me home?"I asked.

"Sure honey."my mom said as I hung up.

The End

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