Monkey Boy

I followed my brother through the woods being careful not to step on his tail. My brother is not as fast as I am but he is a little taller and he is a couple years older then I am. He has skinny arms and legs. His hands and feet curl up and sometimes when he walks on his hands and feet.

My Brother has short brown hair that is always messy and his hair matches his small brown eyes. My brother and I are similar but we are not totally the same. He is a monkey half breed where as I am not. Half breeds are neither humans nor animals we are both. Our bodies are human like but we carry animal characteristics.

For example my brothers hair and body is human but it moves also in the way of a monkey. He has a monkey tail full of brown hair and round monkey ears that poke out of his messy hair. His cheeks and nose are also more rounded then a humans and he loves to eat bananas. He was wearing his green armor that was a little to big for him and is was making him slower then normal.

"So trouble maker what have you been doing out here?" He asked me. " Nothing just wanted to run. You know I'm not much of a tree climber." I told him. "I know but you also know that its dangerous and no one is allowed to go off on their own anymore." He said. "Oscar I can protect myself." I said in a annoyed tone. "I Know I'm just telling you the rules even if I know you wont listen to them." He put on a big smile as he said this.

Finally we were in the deepest part of the jungle. Our what me and Oscar know as our home. As we looked up into the trees we both knew that something was wrong.

The End

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