The woods

I race through the woods leaping over trees,jumping on rocks. Knowing every part like it was the back of my hand. My green hood flying down as I ran faster. My cape whipping in the wind. The feel of the earth under my bare feet. The rushing of the wind against my face, ears, and hair. This is my favorite place in the world. This is where I wish someday to return but by the looks of things now this will never happen. That is were I started and from that is from what I came to be.

I ran through the forest until I knew I was reaching the center. I slowed down I heard something behind me. As fast as my natural reflexes could allow me I readied my bow and arrow that I always carried with me. It was not new or anything fancy but it was my friend. I listened the noise was behind me and coming closer. I wrinkled my nose trying to get a sent. I was a hunter if this person thinks they can hunt me they are mistaken.  I turned and aimed was about to pull the trigger as soon as I saw the black figure.

"Holy sh... Carmen do not shoot me." The figure standing in the darkness next to a tree yelled at me. "Well you should not be sneaking up on someone in the woods. Two more seconds and I would have shot you idiot." I yelled back at him. Knowing his annoying voice to well.  "Yeeeah I know mom would not have been very happy with that now would she? Well she sent me out here to find you. Were needed back home." My brother said as he stepped out from the tree and started to lead the why back to our home. Unknowing of what was to happen when we got home. 


The End

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