Group CMature

Cameron wasn't sure what to think when he walked into the room. There were only seven people, eight including him, in the room. Two of those people were the orderlies. Six teenagers sat around a table, looking right at him.

Cameron ducked his head down, walking toward the table. He didn't want to see them- actual crazy people. It was strange being one of the only sane people (well, the orderlies in here weren't really sane, were they? They thought he was crazy) in the room. But he had to say, the group wasn't what he expected.

He was thinking along the lines of straightjacket's and muzzles around their mouths- looking like young Hannibal Lectors'. It was a shock to see them looking so normal, so like him.

He took a seat next to a boy around his age, ignoring the stares from everyone else. The teenager he chose to sit next to was pretty normal looking- he kind of reminded him of a friend he knew- use to know. He had blond hair and blue eyes, he was average shaped and wearing a stripped green and brown shirt with the logo for band Cameron wasn't familiar with.

"Hi," a girl across from his spoke up, "I'm Ashley."

He looked up to the brown haired teenager, "Cameron."

"Can I call you 'Cam'?" She asked, slicing into her egg with a plastic fork.

Her eyes were darker in color- black and purple, framing green eyes. She was wearing a graphic tee and a had her sleeves rolled up. He could see angry red lines crossing her forearm.


"Sweet," the dark eyed girl chorused.

The boy sitting next to him shuffled slightly, "I'm Jason."

"I'm Carly," a girl with short, raven hair introduced.

A boy with sandy blond hair nodded at him, "Micheal."

The only one who really caught his eye was a ruby haired girl sitting at the end of the table. She was average looking, definitely not someone he would have given a second look before. Her hair was tied up in a messy tie and she was only wearing a light layer of make-up on. It was actually her shocking blue eyes that caught his attention.

She was looking right at him, her lips forming a smile as she waved lightly to him. He was going to raise his hand to wave back, but Ashley drew his attention away from it with a question.

"What are you here for?"

The orderly Sarah scolded her, claiming that they were not allowed to share unless they were in a group session. And if they all consented to it; Cameron had not.

Still, her question rang loud in his head: why was he here? He didn't have a liable answer to that question when he, himself, did not have a clue why he was in the Hospital.

He didn't feel like going around telling everyone that he heard things and saw things. Basically, he was really on admitted her because he tried to kill himself.

Trying to commit suicide? Yeah, that was going to be his answer from now on. It sounded way better then going around telling everyone he was crazy.

"Alright, is everyone finished? Time to go back to your rooms until lunch."

Cameron was vaguely aware that everyone was getting up to leave. His head shot over to where the girl was sitting, only to find the seat vacated. He looked around, feeling slightly disappointed, and saw a flash of red leave the room. He got up quickly, trying to follow after her.

Cameron didn't see her in the hallway, and he didn't see her when they all left to their own rooms. He didn't even hear Ashley yell from the opposite end to tell him goodbye. For some reason, Cameron was feeling a little let-down that he didn't get to see the red haired girl again.

It was odd; Cameron never really paid much attention to girls like her- he usually couldn't stop staring at the blond-bombshells that he use to date. Cheerleaders at his old school. Shaking his head, Cameron shut his door behind him and went to lay down.

The dulling sound was whispers was starting to announce itself to him more loudly and he wanted to fall asleep before they could become full-blown voices in his head.

The last thing Cameron saw when he closed his eyes was the girl's face staring at him from across a table, a smile on her face. Content, Cameron soon fell asleep in his uncomfortable bed, wondering if he would see her again.

No; hoping he would see her again.

The End

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