The Great Canyon

When I walked up to Machakw, he turned around and said “I can’t bring him back.” I took two steps forward and stood in front of my brother; I saw him crying. “I may not be able to bring him back to life but I can make the chief and the people suffer for this!” Machakw said with anger in his eyes. I stood back as my brother walked toward the bones of Green Bone. When he got to green bones hand he cut them off and took the glowing claws. I walked with him out side the cave not knowing where we were going. He finally stopped and said “this should be a good spot.” Machakw laid down the claws into the Great Lake. I noticed the claws glow went out as my brother started to chant. He was casting some sort of spell. Machakw said “now look at the water as it goes down with the claws.” We both sat there watching it for hours as we both lost track of time.


Then we tried to look for water that used to be there, but found nothing. I said “they are going to have to call this the great canyon.” We both looked at each other and knew that there was one last journey to make. We discarded to join our friend in the after life, as we made a leap head first into the canyon.


Okhmhaka said “And that’s the storey of Green Bone.”, as Okhmhaka stood up after telling his two kids a good night story. He closed the door went down the hall and went to watch some television.

The End

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