Finally passed

The bald eagle dropped me from an unbelievably height. I started to think I was going to die as I was falling but it would almost seem that I was falling for hours. I opened my eyes as the wind felt like a punch to my face but I tried to get past that as I saw I was falling down toward the water fall. The wind was spinning around me; I felt the clouds swarming me. The clouds started to move away from me toward the water from the water fall. As I felt the water drops splashing agents my face and chest. I splashed my way in to the water thinking I was going to die, but the water was deeper then I thought. I felt my self spin slowly around under the water as my feet touched the ground. Then as I started to swallow water, then I quickly swam back up to the top. I filled my bag with the water then started to walk down the mountain. It seemed to be a lot harder going up and my legs was no longer in pain. When I got back to that crazy elder’s tipi the old grey rock was no longer there. Then I walked inside the tipi and there it was the big rock I started to look at it with a blank stare on my face. Thinking how the hell did it gets in here. Then the rock started to move turning around. It was the crazy old elder. I started to blush right away remembering back that I change back into a human behind her. “I got your water, crazy old women” I said to her well waving it around.


            She looked at me and said “Good. Now go outside and splash it on the tipi then you can go and stop blushing, you’re giving me the creeps.” So I went out side and splashed every last drop on the tipi. Next thing I know a big gust of wind came flying my way then I started to walk toward were I got sent back ten feet. I walked past it with a surprising look that I was able to.

I said to my self “I can think about this later I got to get to my brother.” I walked across the desert for more then three hours. Without food or water, getting tired, thinking in my head that I have to get to my brother. Then I finally got to green bones cave. I heard Machakw chanting about something.

The End

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