The Bald Eagle

 When I reached the mountain I looked up and I seen the sharp deadly rocks along the sides of the mountain, a single tree hunched over and eagles nest and clouds surrounding the peek of the mountain. My legs were still weak, too. I had to start of slowly as I started to walk up a path leading to the top. As I was walking I came a cross a couple trees and a bush so I walked behind them and put on some clothes from my bag. When I put on my shirt I heard someone whispering “what the apple are you doing here?” I started to look around for someone that said that.


 I started to hear the mysterious whispering again and it said “could you not get naked in front of me again!” That time it sounded louder and scarier so I started to look around and above. And that’s when I seen it. One of the craziest things I saw it was a giant bald eagle. It was looking right at me I didn’t know what to do. Run or stay still, I was starting to think in my head. So I decided to stay and pray that it does not attack me. The eagle watch me praying then it expanded its wings, opened it beck and said “why are you going to pray it’s not like I’m going to eat you.”


            Then I soon replied with confusion “if you’re not going to eat me then why you are here?” The bald eagle jumped down and stood in front of me. Then with his beck he pointed toward his back. When I thought he would help me to the top of the mountain so I started to clamed on his back. 


            Then the bold eagle just shrugged his shoulder and tossed me off his back. He slowly opened his mouth with slim dripping off his tong then said, “What are you trying to do me only wanted you to scratch my back.” Then the bold eagle expanded its wings and push downward with them. It sent him soaring up into the air as he grabbed my foot with his claw. I was slipping out of his grasp as my pants were starting to fall off.

The End

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