Giant Moutian

The shadow cave was where Green Bone lived. That was the only place I thought he would be at. I had to get there much faster so I changed into a wolf. I forgot it hurts more changing when I am moving but it was too late to stop; my blood was leaking down from my arm. Hair was starting to grow everywhere. My clothes started to rip right off me as my muscles were getting bigger. My face tore into two as my human flesh peeled off slowly as I was running. I started to yell in pain but then my yells also changed in to howls. I could feel my bones breaking or moving from its place. I started to trip over a rock, when I landed I was on four feet instead of two.


 “Now we’re talking, I could get there so much faster now” I was thinking in my head. Birds from the distance were trying to keep up with me, not even the mountains spirits could lay still any more as they were trying to run, and keep up with me.  My whole body felt stronger, I was able to see over the distant hills, run as faster then over beings, jump as high as the highest eagle, and yell louder then a full grown spirit. On my journey to find my brother I ran into air and flew back ten feet from hitting what seemed to be nothing! When I looked around me, there was nothing but rocks, dust blowing in the air, trees with claw scratches on them, a deer carcass, and a tipi of to the distance next to a brownish grey rock with a giant mountain of to the distance. I started to run over to the tipi to see if someone could explain why I could not walk over into the distance. When I got there I did not want anyone to see me in my wolf form, too. I walked behind the brownish grey rock to change back. My whole body felt a lot better back in my human form, but my legs felt like giving out when I tried to stand up. It’s been at least five minutes now trying to stand up but I still could not do it and I didn’t know why. So I crawled my way into the tipi to cover my self with a blanket but when I got inside. I soon looked inside the tipi but there was no one in sight. It was very nice and warm inside; it had an on going fire in the middle with a light colour rising from the fire. It was light blue and had a shade of different colours; it almost looks like a rainbow coming from above the fire. It was quit freighting to see it because over time as I was watching it I fell in to a gaze. When I opened my eyes I saw an elder sitting in front of me. Her skin was dark and yet pale, and crusty. She was wearing clothing I never seen before. Her eyes were pure white; and she was holding a staff with some sort of rattle on tope of it. When she seen me sit up she taped me on the head with her staff, and said “what in donkeys ass are you doing in side my tipi don’t you know its better to show respect to elders.” I had a blank confusing stare on my face wondering why she hit me so hard.


            After my ten second delays do to shock I kindly ask her “why cant I cross toward the other side of this tipi.” As soon as I asked that she grabbed a clay bucket full of the greatest clear water of all northern lake regain holding it with her hand.


 Then she just dumped it all over me and said “geeeee you young people today have no respect, go get me some to water.” She kick me out shivering throw my bag at me, and took back her blanket. Leaving my out side naked cold and very wet. She yelled “don’t come back tell you get me the purest water around here, but when you do I’ll tell you how you can pass.” I soon was thinking in my head that this crazy old elder was driving me nuts, making me climb up to the tallest water fall on top of Giant Mountain.

The End

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