Green Bones

Legends are stories and this story is about the Great Canyon. Native American Cultures have many stories about everything around us all. Are you welling anough to find out about the legends?

With in the darkest hour of the night tribes could hear the cry of the men, women and children in the northern great lake region. It was within this terrifying place that Chief Chogan and his people lived. They only lived there because their people were not normal.


Some of his people were gifted with some sort of power; the other tribes look at chief Chogan with disgust. My name is Okhmhaka which meant little wolf. I got this name because ever since I was little I could change into a wolf. This power for me I could never really see the bright side in having it besides for protecting my self from the Green Bone.


For those who don’t know, Green Bone is a demon made out of bones and has a light green glow to its spiky claws. Some people say its bones are from the god of the under world itself and it has no soul for it was the most scary, and unfriendly dragon that ever lived.


My brother Machakw and I have been looking after each other in our tribe since we were born. My brother is two years older then me, and his name means horny toad. The chief gave him that name because he hits on every girl he sees in our village. I should rephrase that, he had a very lust full power over them. One day I was walking throw our village and I overheard the elders and the chief talking about a sacrifice in order to get rid of Green Bones for ever.


I tried to tell my older brother but it was to late when I found him. The chief told every one to come toward the great lake. Chogan began to tell the people that one simple sacrifice to the creator can save us all from Green Bone. People had a lot to disagree about but everyone was just sick and tired of Green Bone way too much just to speak up. So at that moment I seen my older brother’s best friend Cheveyo get pushed in to the river.


Before Cheveyo drowned in the water he said “you’ll curse the day you ever thought of doing this, you’ll all be doomed”. I started to search around the village for my brother but when I got to his tipi I found a note saying he is going to find a way to bring Cheveyo back to life. At that moment I packed my bag with my clothes and food then started running toward the only place my brother could have went to.

The End

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