Smooth and TextureMature

It stood amongst the crowd, confused and disconcerted as always. Its opalescent skin shone in the myriad of light. It stood, upon a tripod of willowy legs. And its head veered around, three eyes facing three directions. Around it, the crowd thinned.

"Do you see that thing, too?" a voice asked, as its body kept moving. The same rhythm as the noise - the wonderful noise.

The thing kept watching, as people thinned out. Confused, it reached out with its mind, and pulled another few memes from the alien minds around it. From the human minds around it. Music. Dance. They applied to the noise and the movement, and baffled the creature greatly. Rave. It applied to the event.

"What is it?" someone queried. Alien. Extra-terrestrial. The terms applied to the it.

It watched. It heard. It enjoyed.

"It has eyes. That thing has eyes!" a dancer stopped, glowing with strange cylinders. Another meme, added to its collection: Glowsticks.

A woman approached, in loose, billowing hoodie. She looked at the thing, not sure which corner or side of its tripod of legs was its front. She smiled at it. People gasped, at her boldness. She extended a hand. Hand. In return, it extended one of its nine... Tentacles. The 'memes' stuck with logic in its mind.

Drug. Another few memes, as the tentacle scooped up an item in a graceful curl at the tip. Pill. And then the thing felt it. The smoothness. The texture was smooth. It already knew those concepts. Then, the tentacle scintillated, and the pill fell into it. The green pill dissolved upon the tentacle. And the thing tasted the pill.
It knew the pill, now, intimately. It came.

But the moment it came was the moment it saw the familiar people in black, and the moment it saw the flames.

The End

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