Green and ColourMature

 Jodi stared up at the massive scaffolding peppered with spotlights and lasers, and then down at the light green tablet in her hand.  Up at the lights, down at the tablet.  Again and again.


The heavy bass of the DJ's set shook her to the core; she could feel the thumpity thump of the drum n' bass track in her ribcage.  Her hands were sweaty; she gripped her overpriced bottle of Aquafina water and listened for a moment.  The music was spectacular, really heavy stuff that just made her want to move.  Everyone around her was moving - there was a huge to and fro of bodies and limbs on all sides.  Every so often she'd be jostled in the back or elbowed in the breast.


Still, she didn't move, except to lean her head back at the scaffolding (was it moving?) and to then cast her gaze down at the pill in her hand.


All at once, one of the jostling bodies seemed to materialize in front of her as something familiar, and Jodi flinched visibly.


The body only laughed.


"Come on," Kristi said, covered head to toe in chunky beads and glow-stick necklaces, every inch the raver.  "It's not going to drop itself."


"I... I will," Jodi said, hoping she sounded confident.  "Yeah.  I'm going to."


The cap of the Aquafina water came off, and her other hand lifted the green tablet to her mouth.  She swallowed it, and then followed it up with a gulp of the water, which now, for some reason, seemed like a nectar from the gods. 


That had to have been psychosomatic.  The pill hadn't even entered her stomach yet.  Jodi shook her head and smiled to herself, and then began to move to the music, becoming one with the mass of flesh and glow-stick and people just out to have a good time.  She was peripherally aware of Kristi fishing a similar green tablet out of what appeared to be a large, ridiculous My Little Pony locket, of the variety one would find in a fast food restaurant's children's meal.  She watched out of the corner of her eye as Kristi dropped too.


And then it was time to dance, and feel the bass, and wait for the moment when she would see God again.


In this climate of fear, you had to find God wherever you could.




She wasn't even certain what the drug was, despite her being well-versed in the arena of recreational psychoactives.  It wasn't E and it wasn't meth and it wasn't speed.


And it hadn't killed her yet, so as far as Jodi was concerned, all was well.


The scaffolding was moving, she realized some time after dropping her tablet.  It was ascending and descending and moving in a large circle around the ceiling.  She kept dancing, moving her body to the beats, suddenly and acutely aware of a sort of ... consciousness unfolding around her.


This was a happy place.  It, like the nameless green drug, hadn't killed her yet either.


She was beginning to roll already.  She felt a tightness in her face, and her expression changed from that serious dancing face to an almost insane, goofy smile, all outside of the sphere of her control.  Suddenly the music could be seen and tasted as well as heard, and she had to become one with it.  She had to dance.


If she danced, she could save this terrible world.  She could keep the Thiel at bay, keep them from doing what they did best: destruction.


There is nothing else but us and the music.  They will kill and rape outside, but we are safe here.


If she danced, it would all go away.


Jodi grabbed Kristi's hand and the two of them began to dance together against a speaker, front-to-back, perhaps a little too provocatively, hips sashaying to and fro and hands touching places that under normal circumstances would never be touched. 


The world is our oyster now, a buffet of sensations that are ours for the taking.


She was dimly aware of something happening outside the warehouse; a dull thud, repeated several times over.  She planted her feet and put a hand on Kristi's shoulder.  Kristi just smiled, leaned in, and kissed Jodi rather fervently on the mouth.  Kristi's hand disappeared down Jodi's pants, and they backed up together against the speaker.


A shiver jolted down Jodi's spine, and she grinned widely as her friend began to finger-fuck her, but something... something was wrong.  She didn't know what.


Kristi was laughing, and Jodi felt helpless, stuck between pleasure and paranoia.  She moaned, but she wasn't certain if it was a moan of pleasure or a moan of disdain.  She felt disjoint; as though she felt every one of her emotions separately - and right now she was trying to focus on the pleasure.  It was peaking fast; another side effect of this little green pill.


People were watching.  But Jodi didn't care, not even as Kristi slid her top back to reveal most of her to this dancefloor.  She gasped and giggled, but one part of her brain was still focused on something that was wrong.


But how can something be wrong when right now, everything feels so right?  This moment is perfect.  I am at one with the unive -


Her thought was cut off as Kristi pushed harder and her vision exploded in a plethora of colours.  She couldn't feel her feet, but she could still feel the music and still feel Kristi's fingers within her, coaxing her into orgasm.


Maybe she screamed, maybe she didn't... she wasn't sure.


But the moment she came was the moment she saw the people in black, and the moment she saw the flames.

The End

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