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Ulysses and the Sirens

Sirens sing and sirens circle

Entrancing they sing from small red lips

Of other sailors who were culled

Leaving only wooden beams from their sunken ships


Not the first danger braved, nor the last

Brave, brave Ulysses hearkens to their song

His loyal men lit their senses fast

While Ulysses, brave, brave Ulysses listens long


Their song is a lyrical feast

But beware! This bounty is tainted

For temptation is a mistress to say the least

And sirens are mistress and executioner mated


Now we pass onwards, past the danger

Brave, brave Ulysses weeps at a loss

“Untie me, let me go and be with her”

His crew hear him not their ears plugged with moss


Brave, brave Ulysses was a man of hardened steel

But still he yearns to hear that song again

As Achilles was felled by his weakened heel

So Ulysses may drown, lured into Siren’s den

The End

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