I sat by the water, my legs dangling in. I've always loved the water. For some reason, it alwaysdrew me in, spoke to me. I guess that's why it's no surprise that I got a sea animal as my spirit animal. Espcially since it's been my favorite animal for as long as I can remember. But still. It kind of hurt, stung. Turtles aren't the most majestic creatures, the best fighters. Heck, they're even slow! But here I was, sitting on the edge of the water, feeling sorry for myself.

I sighed and decided to take a dip in the water. Slipping off my deer skin dress, I took a running leap and dived in, straight to the bottom. It felt like a whole new world down here. I saw shools of fish swim by me, in various shade and colors. Coral stood in every which direction.  And, despite my feelings, I smiled when I saw Sekoyta. Sekoyta is my spirit animal counter-part. I call her Sek.

I swam over to her, giving her a big hug. She splashed me, and I laughed. Wanna race? I asked her. She nodded, and we both took off.

The water is the only place I can really lose myself. I can't nessicarily breath underwater, but I don't have to go up to the surface as often as other people. Sek and I spent the afternoon swimming through the ater, and enjoying ourselves in general. Bye the time I said goodbye, stepped out of the water and pulled my dress back on, I could see the sky slowly turning red.

I turned and started back on my way to town. I heard rustling behind me. Whipping my head around, I hought I saw a shadow move. Is that Kan? I asked my self, then shook my head dismissively. It couldn't be. Then I heard the scream.

My heary pounding, I ran back into town. I bumped right into Dyami. My face turned red.

"I'm so sorry!" I said, but I could tell he was distracted. Then we heard another scream. Dyami cocked his head towards the noise, then turned and followed the sound. Quit as a mouse, I followed him.

I froze at the entrance to the cave.

The End

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