Getting Started

Her family accompanied her on Meredith's walk from the Parking Garage to Terminal 3 in the airport. When the got there, there was much weeping from the Thirds and their famalies. The line was long and had many ages of people in it. Not just thirds either. The families of the soldiers  who were on Eros and starships were also going to see them and either go to colonize or come home. Everyone was talking loudly to eachother. They would be spending a lot of time together.

Meredith turned and faced her family. Her mother was sobbing quietly into tissues from her purse. Her father took a step toward her an put a hand on her shoulder. the locked eyes for a moment then hugged. Anything thy coukd have said was covered in that one embrace. After a few seconds, they dropped arms. Her mum hugged  and cried at her begging not to go. Her brother put one arm around each of her soulders, took each of her bags, and walked her to the end of the line. The set down her bags and kissed her cheeks. They gave her one more squeeze and went back to join their parents. A few minutes later, the terminal gate opened. Het mum cried louder and her family waved harder. She waved back with a shy smile and boarded the plane.


The flight attendent directed the passengers to take the next available seat. There were two three seat deep rows against the sides of the plane. Meredith had never been on a plane, and she was excited. This was the begining of  the rest of her life. Since she was the last one in line, she was seated in the last row of the left side on the aisle. Next to her sat a man with curly, dark hair and blue eyes. When she sat down he introduced himself. "David Foru," he said holding out his hand. "Meredith Hadsen," she said shaking back. "So you're a Third?" he asked. "Yes, I have two older brothers. They are identical twins. My parents had us naturally. Are you?" "No, my Wife is and I was granted permission to acompany her," he said pointing to the seat infront of Meredith. "Evelyn," he said, "Meet Meredith." Evelyn Foru turned around and smiled at Meredith. She had light brown, curly hair and green eyes.  Her teeth were perfectly straight and white and had a smooth, porcelain complexion. Meredith was stunned by her beauty. "Nice to meet you Meredith," she smiled. "You came here all alone?" "Yes." "Well that just won't do," she said, "If you want, and I really hope you do, we are going to be your foster parents now. I can't bear to see a young girl all alone." "Um... Thank you. That's uncommonly nice." "Oh, it's our pleasure. We don't have any children of our own; it is a joy to take you in." "Really, we love children," David said. "I think I am going to take you up on that."


The End

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