Great Mind

Meredith was celebrating with her family. The Buggers were gone. After a century of fear and nightmares, humankind could rest. Her mother, father, and two older brothers, and she had already seen the vid of Ender Wiggin destroying the Bugger world. They sat together in their den, her parents in their chairs and her brothers on either side of her on the sofa. Everyone had their desks in their lap, talking to friends and relatives about the events that had taken place. A message suddenly appeared on her desk:

To: Meredith Hasden

From: The International Fleet

Now that the Formic World is vacant, we think it would be wise to start colonization. You being a Third is asked to do your duty to mankind and become one of the first coloniststo the New World.Pack your clothing and neccessary possessions and report to the Manchester Airport and take the IF flight to the shuttle base in Florida. From there you will fly at faster than light speed to the IF base on the minor planet Eros. The formerly relatavistic three year journey has been condensesd to one year.

Your plane leaves tomorrow at 1400 (2 o'clock p.m.)

The smiles on her famalies faces fell into lines of worry when they saw her face. "Meredith, what's wrong?" Her brother Thomas asked. She handed him her desk. He gasped and looked at his identical twin over their sister's head. Their father stood and took the desk from his eldest son's outstreched hand. "No, no." "Darling, what is it?" She looked over her husband's shoulder. "They can't do this."

"I want to go."

Her family looked at her. "Meredith," her mother started. "No, mum. I have to do this. It's my duty to mankind. I've been thinking about this for a long time and now is my chance. Humans have to spread out across the galaxies, making it impossible for our race to ever be threatened again." "She's right," Jacob said. "Honey, your only fourteen." "Mum, I have to go." "Susan, you have to let her go."

The End

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