“Hello. My name is Zandra, and you're here because we want some information from you. Then we want you dead.You can rest assured that they will never know.They will never know the things you hide. The secret, the truth, all that you have inside you will never be found. Your power will never be used.

We need to know how your operation went.

Did you prove yourself? What do we have to deal with now, from your clumsy work? You must have noticed how obvious you were being. You led us right to what we wanted to be-”

“No, I didn't you j******! You came and we watched you.”
“Who? Who watched me, James? Maybe if you tell me than things will be a tad bit easier. Who got you to give it up? Who is watching me Powell? WHO IS WATCHING ME?” The drama has to build up perfectly. You have to wait for this moment to take out your knife.

“Oh, Zandra! We used to work together. Why must you do this? Do not forget that you have betrayed me as much as I have betrayed you,” I allow myself to get angry at this. My anger is allowed, my passion is not.

“How did the operation go?”

“ We got it,”

“You got it. You got it where?”

“Underground,” he smiles. I hold the knife a right up next to his face.

“I’ll be there soon Zandra. Let me spy on them,”

“and why would I trust you to do that?”
“Because you need me too.”

“We’ve known who you are for a matter of months.You think we ever told you anything important about out operation? You're so clumsy I doubt we would need you.You're not getting out of this, Powell, no matter how much you try to get me to let you out. I know you wouldn't spy. You’d run away as fast as you could. Now tell me, unless you would like to die now, where the boy is,”

“I’ll take the death option,”

“You don’t really want to give all that up. Every second is worth something to you. I can see,”

“Convincing, Zandra. But no,”

“ Then we will just have to see how you like the second option. There is time for other to come interrogate you, James. Do not forget that they will not be your old colleagues,”

This is not a good start. I could not kill my old friend, even after he betrayed us. I tell myself it is because he has information, it is the excuse I will tell Sam. But I did not kill James because he used to smile at me. I know him, he’s corrupt. I hate Beaodin more than I ever have, but James is not James anymore. He is Powell. When I talk to him, he will be Powel. When he speaks, it will be Powell who speaks. Powell who tells me I betrayed him. Powell who still looks at me like he used to. Now he has a secret, and it is my mission to gain the location of the hope.

Always to gain the location of the hope.

“How’s he doing?” The tall brown haired man asks me.

“Not feeling too talkative yet,” I tell my leader. Sam is angry at James, I can tell. He jams his balled hands into his pockets and looks at me with flaming eyes.

“Then we will make him be talkative.”

“How may I ask, will you do that?”

“I will handle the interrogation tomorrow.”


The End

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