Max looks groggy, but only for a second. James wonders why he woke up. It was like he just knew James was here. Like he was just sleeping and something from the outside world was telling him to wake up.  But James wouldn't let his chance get away from him.He crossed the room, but he wouldn’t look Max in the eyes.

He was just standing there and staring at me. The look on his face was almost pity. I wished desperately he would stop looking at me like that. It made me angry.

“ I am more than you think I am Max,”

“ I know more than you could ever guess,”

I don’t like how calm he is right now. He is a regular person, but he is facing me like he has done this before. He thinks he knows, and he is taking a chance. Confident.

I don't want this boy in my way.

“ I don’t know where you think you got your information, but you’re wrong.”

I don’t sound sure enough, because I’m not sure.

“JUST GET OUT OF MY HEAD!” I bark at him “It has nothing to do with you!


James looks at Max. He knows he is glaring. It’s not professional, to lose your head. But he is so flustered. He wants Max to react.


I think I know the perfect way.


I pull the gun and try to shoot Max, anger coursing through me. It happens so fast I barely think, but it was my intended purpose for being here anyway.

The shot misses, amazingly flying far away from where I intended it.

Max looks at me.

“ I came here to fulfill a purpose,” I say.

“ I don’t intend for you to leave successful,”

How did I miss that shot? It was so close.

It wasn’t.

The End

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