I am left without a plan after my first one is destroyed. Max was so close to the road, and I was sure things were over for them when I waited for the bomb to go off. Tomorrow. They won't last that long.  I pulled away in my van, down the destroyed road, hitting bump after bump. I felt it might have been smoother to just drive in the cornfield.

I’m not familiar with these kinds of things. I’m not familiar with words, not familiar with this tense. it makes me exposed, something I have never wanted. Something that causes me to get nervous.


James pulled out of the crumbling road, trying to think of how he could ever achieve his goal. He can’t wait another second. he must move . How could he have let him get away? The truth was that he was shocked from his own blast.

He tried to ignore that truth though, and he was quite good at it.

Max and Erin were going home, separately. He was glad that he did not have to destroy both of them. Just the one who must be destroyed.

The old man would not be seeing him until tomorrow. He would not suffer the humiliation.

True, he had been told to come today, but James had the power of his own resolve.

He was still thinking of that resolve when he pulled into town. Where were they? They must have gone back to the concert hall to get there parents car. He would meet them there.

He was confident in himself when he pulled up, but not so much when he pulled out, with nothing.

Why did he always have to pull out with nothing? James Powell hated to disappoint those he worked for, but it was all he seemed to do.

He wanted power, more than ever now, because they were dangling it in front of his face.  He was almost willing to snatch it no matter the cost, but that would not come until much later.  Still, he believed that there was a way to gain it without a cost. A way to gain it like a human. It was rare, but James Powell still believed in being human. It wasn’t time yet. Max was in the way. He had a power, and a wonderful one.  He full of knowledge and strength, but he was still in the way.

So the old man had sent Powell to destroy him. To eliminate him from the equation. Whatever way you want to say it.

And Powell was working for an old withered man who somehow had the power James was after. Who somehow had the right things. The right words. The right soul. The right mind.

Calculating. Everything is a game to you.

The End

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