Chapter Six


Look at the man in front of you. Why can't you do this anymore? Ignore the way you feel right now. How are you more nervous than you were when you were playing your violin in front if all those people?

Because this matters.

Everything you have done matters.

yeah, to me. But never to anyone I are about.

You're not supposed to care about anyone.

But I do!

But you're not supposed to look like you do! Look at the man in front of you. Stare at him like you don't want to puke. What is wrong with you? You can do this to anyone. I always believed you never had anymore feelings. You were past those. I always believed it until you when to school and talked to your best friend. Feelings are less important than gain. Get what you want. Now, erin. It’s too hard the other way.


“ Mr. Powell. I will shoot you if you don't get away from my friend”



comon. You can't keep changing things. Get on with it.


Look. I am stronger than you. I will always be stronger than you. Why don't you see this?

I am stronger than the voices inside my head.

Are you not?

Max. That is what I came here for. I came here to bring you home. To keep you safe. Isn’t that the point? But nothing about this is safe.

 Something is coming. I can feel it. So I follow the instincts I have gained from my experience. I grab the gun in Mr.Powell's hand and move it an inch, so when he shoots, it goes off into the distance and does not hit my friend. I wonder how hard people like this are. It is the one thing I have not learned. I know how to change other people's emotions, but I cannot stamp out my own. James would have shot Max. I could not stand that.


“ MOVE!” I expect James to shoot again, but he doesn’t. Max stares him in the eyes, and I can almost see power churning underneath them.

“Oh for god's sake Max,” It comes out quieter than I expected.

He doesn’t move an inch.

“Don’t move Mr.Powell,”

He turned around and looks at me.


We both run for the car just as James starts to move again. He starts shooting as we get into the car. We don't even react. It is amazing that we don't get hit. I pull away, Max in the front seat, me driving. It goes without saying that I don't follow the speed limit.

“ Get under the dashboard” I manage to choke out right before I duck again.

Max hesitates, then drags me under the dashboard, pushing his foot on the breaks. What? I’m confused and scared, but I try my best to force it out.  

“What the Hell!” I scream. He pushes himself into the driver's seat and slams the gas, driving us into the corn field at top speed. I don't have enough time to react.

He keeps looking back, watching the road.

I feel like the tension is rising. going up, like something is going to happen.

And the road exploded. There is no other way to describe it. Our car got super hot from the fire in the road. I wondered where Mr.Powell is now. If he got caught up in his own bomb. 

I thank god that I am here in the cornfield. If Max had not…

I bury my face into the seat and sob. Crying is not necessarily bad, it is just a display of emotion. I am thankful and nervous. I wonder how I will ever survive in the future. Maybe only if I listen. That will be hard. I let myself breathe, realizing that I had held my breath for a while.

I wonder how Max has done all of this.

How did you stop James?

How did you know to drive into the cornfield?

You knowledgeable about literature, not real life.

How similar are they?


“Let's go home Max. At least for tonight, okay?”

“How are we supposed to go back to being in school? After this?”

“ We won't.”

“Then what will we do?”

“ I don't know. Call my house tomorrow.”

The End

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