It’s like everyone forgot I am here. They talk like fighters from an action movie, making sly comments about how intelligent the other is, taunting like classic enemies.

They are classic enemies. I almost forget that this is my friend, the girl who is pointing a gun at a man's head, and this man is a danger to me. I am watching a scene from a story, and I automatically try to analyze it, forgetting that the real world has no foreshadowing, no perfect ending no matter who triumphs. This is the real world, but I don't even notice.

I watch. Without thinking I try to get deep into my best friends soul. I can control what will happen. I try to know my characters, because that is what you do with a story.

For her to triumph, Erin must feel a burst of power to defend herself. I can see that there is no other way for us to escape. Merely escape. We are facing powers beyond all that we have ever seen before. I do not only see Erin's, soul, but Mr.Powell's too.

The End

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