Grease in my hair

A short story about how in different to the world your troubles are.

She lies in the bathtub getting ready for her date

She groomes to perfection, to make a good impression.

Brushing her already pearly-whites, and applying the final lick of mascarra

She rushes out the door in a scury.

Shes late.

But everything otherwise is going accordingly.


The heavens open, raindrop apon raindrop attacks her. All threw her hair.

She stands still. Breathing. Under attack. Taking every wet slap as it comes.

Knowing, just knowing what was to follow.

She made her way the edge of the river, Knew it was for the best- and threw herself in it.

...Some think it was her mental state. Others think it was this one special boy she wanted to be impeckable for. Myself, on the other hand, i know it was merely the greasy hair.

Why oh why is society so vain? Why oh why did this happen to this poor intelligent girl.

The culprit of this tragedy. Greasy hair

The End

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