"The living dead will walk the earth" simle really

Were crouched in one of the kitchen store-cupboards. We have eachothers hands covering eachothers mouths to quieten our breathing.

"Come outtt, come outtt!"Craoked a harsh voice. I stifled a gasp, I saw it's dirty, large feet. It was right in front of us. It gave a roar of frustration, then slammed the door.

It hadnt gone out. We knew that all to well. It was waiting for US to come out. It took about two minutes for it to give up and actually leave.

At the start, on one believed my nightmare-ish dreams about te=he dead awakening. But they did. Isi and I had made a secret plan on safe places and escape routes. But little did we know, we'd need them. We decided that at school, the changing rooms and gym store cupboard were the safest places, and most classrooms. When they had actually risen from their graves, our families were brutally killed. And we took refuage at school. Locking all the gates, it was safe like that at first, but a month later, they broke in. We were lucky to have taken nearly all the food from the school kitchen, plus we had a goos supply of water because there was a sink there, ans showers and even a toilet! There are no windows in the changing rooms except the toilet. So we always had to go in together, I know it's really gross, but after Isi nearly got dragged out by a zombie(I prefer to call them the living dead), we took no chances. We had sapre clothes, paper, pens, bed stuff, ect, ect. It was a good den. And even a computer in the PE office!

We crawled out quietly. Glancing around.

"Caity, what if they got in the changing rooms?!"Whispered Isi, terrified.

"We'll just have to try and get there before they do! I mean, it's not like they have superhuman powers, is it?"I hissed, picking up two large kitchen knifes, handing one to her, looking her in the eye as if to say, 'you may need it.'

We tip-toed out into the canteen, the cost was clear, We ducked down behind a table as a zombie women came chaarging at us.

Isi gasped as she plunged her knife into the dead women's fore-head. The only way to kill them is stabbing the brain.

We sprinted to the changing rooms, locking both the doors.

I sighed and wiped my sweat fore-head.

Isi went to the sink and washed the blood off herself. The door on the gym end of the changing rooms started banging. The doors were getting no weaker! But when we were loud the dead heard and tried to get at us, once they got in, because we forgot to lock the door, we had to hide in the PE office and find some scissors to drive into it's temple, we were unlucky so we ended up chasing it outside, then smashing it's skull in with a fire-estinguisher.

I grabbed my knife and walked slowly to the rattling door.

It stopped rattling and it spoke in the deads usual slow, craoky voice.

"Come to meee......C-c-c-c-comeeeee! Letttt meee.....tearrr yourrr limbbssss off oneee byyy oneee!"It hissed.

I stayed quiet. I knew by talking to it, it would know we were here.

But this one was clever, it stayed put.

It looked through the keyhole, I could imagine the deformed smile on its sunken face.

It screamed in pleaseure when it caught sight of me.

"I SEE YOU!!!"It squealed.

I carefully opened the door.

It lunged at me, shrieking wildly, I doged it, just before it could bite me and igve me the infection. I drove the knife into it's temple. She slumped to the floor. I pushed her outside and locked the door.

I rushed to the sink and washed the blood of me and the knife.

I sighed.

I wishe teh world hadn't turned out like this. I wish it would just go back to normal.

I mean, if your not a zombie, your a mindless savage like most of the lving people of a scared survivor!

We are scared survivours. But we know how to deal with this. We knew it would happen. Because of my dreams.

Because of my dreams.

The End

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