Grave Robbing

A trio of grave robbers start out with a simple heist. As they get more confident, their crimes become more and more heinous. Until something unspeakable is awakened by their crimes.


                The night was crisp and clear.  Not a cloud in the sky.  The moon was waxing towards full, but not quite complete.  No wolves howled in the darkness, no shadows moved about in the trio’s peripheral vision.  All in all it was a beautiful night to open graves. 

                Calling it grave robbing was a blasphemy to all those who took part in the sport.  Yes, many people considered it an immoral practice, but it was an addiction.  There were few things in the world so dangerous and satisfying. 

                The trio had begun their escapades small, generally stealing things of little value.  As time went by they needed more, the thrill waned.  Like many things in the world one could build a tolerance to the pleasure.  In order to feel the rush you needed more, you needed to go farther.

                Society would of course look down upon such things, but society was prejudiced.  Society never stepped out of its comfort zone to enjoy life.  Society was wrong.

                They lay in wait, watching the cemetery.  It was far out of the way and had been generally abandoned for a long while.  However, when committing crimes caution comes first.  Their breathing was heavy and their eyes glinted excitedly. 

                “All is clear, it is time to begin.”  Tandry spoke in a harsh whisper.  He looked to his right at Cale, an old friend.  They had started their thieving career young and continued for nearly twenty years.  He nodded to Cale and received a nod back.  He then looked to his left at a relatively new acquaintance; Cale had vouched for him not two months back.  He was a dark fellow, not only in complexion but in manner as well.  Tandry looked into Roberts eyes and noticed his excitement.  That was good.

                He nodded to him as well and stood slowly.  He dusted off his dark blazer and set off at a leisurely pace towards the cemetery’s open gate.  A grin grew on his face as he looked back.  He flicked his flashlight on and pointed it to a nearby headstone. 

                Tandry stood back as his companions broke the ground and began their excavation.  His eyes practically glowed with adrenaline.  He set down the flashlight, pointing it towards the grave, and picked up a shovel. 

               They dug in fervor for a few moments and hit the coffin with a triumphant crack.  They hurriedly uncovered the rest of the coffin and carefully opened it.  They pried the box open and out wafted the musty smell of death.  It was horrible in the most fascinating way to look upon the dead.

                This particular man had been buried in a gorgeous and expensive wrist watch.  Otherwise it seemed they hadn’t hit anything special.  That was no matter, they slipped off his plain wedding ring and the few odds and ends of jewelry he had been buried in and covered the grave again.  The spoils were small, but the rush had been satisfying and terrifying.

                The night had been spent well.

The End

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