Thalia: Chapter 1

She stole through the streets of the town, the stone and wood walls of the people rising high around her. Her feet, clad in soft leather boots made no sound as she slipped from shadow to shadow in the dark of the night. It was late, probably long past midnight, and everyone was asleep save for a few soldiers on the walls. Thalia was already inside, so they meant very little to her. 

She could almost hear it, the sound of gold. Well, she'd heard rumors about the relic from her homeland, and now she was close. Ever so close. A golden bracelet that granted untold power to the wearer. It would be worth a fortune to anyone, and that was exactly what Thalia planned to get for it. If she could sell the object to the highest bidder she could retire, on a private island, in a castle, where she could just lie in the sun and no one would ever find her. She was near its location, said to be somewhere in this city, perhaps in a temple, or locked in a safe. Such safeguards didn't deter her. Even protection spells did little to prevent her from stealing certain items. There were items to unlock those sort of things, if you know what you were looking for, and Thalia had been at this for more than half her young life. 

Stepping into the doorway of a shady looking tavern, Thalia dropped the hood of her dark cloak, revealing a tightly braided head of hair, and startling amber eyes. She cast those eyes on the crowd, making sure no one was looking her way as she made her way to the bar. 

"If I were looking for a certain gold bracelet, where would I find it?" She asked the man quietly, sliding a gold piece toward his elbow. The man pocketed the gold and looked at her warily, but the greed in his eyes betrayed him.

"Ye'd best not be askin' about that sort of thing," he muttered. "That could mean death to more than just he who wears it." 

"Is it that powerful?" Thalia pressed, sliding another piece across the wooden surface of the bar. The man snatched up the pieve of near solid gold before anyone else could take notice. 

"Powerful enough. The Lord of the Realm guards it like a hawk her eggs. Ye'd be better off steering clear."

"Thanks, I'll keep your advice in mind," Thalia lied. "Could I get a plate of whatever you're serving for dinner tonight, and a mug of something hot. The night is cold." 

After drinking the hot, bitter coffee and finishing the plain chicken and rice dish the bartender served, she paid the man for the meal and left once more, deciding to make camp on the outskirts of town instead of sleeping within its walls. It was safer for her kind, away from the prying eyes of others.

A good thief is heard of far and wide, a great thief, make sure she is never caught. Thalia made camp at the base of a hill near the town, on the far side so she wouldn't be seen from the walls. She would make her move tomorrow night, in the Lords castle near the edge of the city, its walls merging with those of the village. It wouldn't be difficult to scale the walls and slip in through an outside window. This wasn't wartime country, and the castle was not built for siege. If Thalia could steal herself a maid's uniform once inside, she could make her way unnoticed, and divine the true location of the relic. She fell asleep wrapped in her cloak, dreaming of the gold it would bring.

The End

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