Be Careful What you Wish For

Katie burst in to tears and falls to the floor. "Get up" Katie's dad roars grabbing her hair and yanking her to her feet. She screams.

"Wow, is it me or is this worst?" Wind says legs crossed floating next to Katie's dad.

"Make him stop" Katie cries. She then spots her mum far away crying in the corner of the living room clothes ripped.

"You have to wish to change it and be careful what you wish for" Wind says. Her face is full of pain.

"Your doing this" Katie shouts.

Wind shakes her head. "I'm the wish messenger not the creater"

"What do you want?" Katie shouts.

"For you to learn your lesson" Wind says "To learn that you shouldn't distroy lives around you and you should move on"

"But, why?"

"Cause your father in the spirit world can't move on till you become happy like he remembers you"

"But he's here" Katie whispers.

"These are to teach you, now next wish"

"I wish that..... My mum found a new man"

The End

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