Wish Two

Katie turned her tear-stained gaze on Wind, eyes blazing with anger at being tricked. Who was this girl? How was she doing all this? This was messed up, really really messed up. Katie had never felt more like screaming in her life, this was so unfair!

Who was this Wind girl that she could just waltz up and start messing with Katie's life like this!

Well, she'd show her.

"Fine," Katie snapped, giving Wind one of the looks she usually reserved for people who angered her. In short, just about everyone. "I wish my dad had never died. I wish he'd been here all along and had never gone to the Caribbean at all!"

Sort that one out smarty pants, Katie thought viciously, half daring Wind to protest. But Wind just smiled and snapped her fingers. Everything went wobbly and blurry for a few moments, as if the world had been plunged temporarily underwater. Then, when everything cleared again, she looked up to see her father standing above her, scratching his enourmous beer-belly and burping grotesquely:

"Oi you," he said to Katie, his breath thick with the stench of alcohol, "Get me a beer would ya? I'm just dying for a drink." 

The End

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