The sky was a nice clear blue as Katie Mayflower Stormed the streets giving of the feeling of doubt and sadness.

"Upset I see?"

Katie spins to see a young girl in a white dress watching her.

"What it matter to you?" Katie says angrily.

"My names Wind and If you want I'll grant any wishes in your wildest dreams"

"Yeah right?" Katie tries to walk of but Wind goes and stands firm in front of her.

"Give it a go and I'll show you" Wind says smiling Happily.

"Fine. I wish my dad was alive"

"Done" Wind snaps her fingers and smiles evilly.

"Where is he then?"

"Check your house" Wind says walking of ahead.

They get home and Katie can't believe her eyes her dads their right in front of her. But... why has he got a suitcase? "Dad?" Katie asks uncertainly.

"Oh Honey, I was just" Her dad stutters. Her mum then walks out from the kitchen. Tears have stained her face. She grabs me and pulls me into her arms. "Your father gotta to leave poppet" Mum says sadness in her voice.

"Look... I..." Her father begins.

"No leave. How dare you pretend to be dead just to get of with your secetary. LEAVE!!!!!" Her mother cries out.

Her father looks at the floor and grabs his suitcase. "No, no this is not what I mean't" Katie screams at Wind beside her. Wind smiles. "Then change it wish something go on"

The End

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