Granted wishes.

Katie Mayflower hated her life so when one day a mystical spirit turns up and says she can help her what is there to lose?

Katie pulled back her black hair forcing the wild array of curls into a pontail. She looked at it from many angles before finally satisfied. She grabs her bag and runs out of her room and down the stairs to the kitchen. She drops her bag next to her and sits on a chair near the table. "Morning, Mum" Katie calls hints of jelousy in her voice. Her mum turns around. Catherine Mayflower was a beauty with long blond hair and and caring deep sea blue eyes. Catherine smiled. "Morning dear, you sleep well?" Catherine asks in a kind sweet voice.

"Not really" Katie moans. Her mother clearly knew she'd not been sleeping well she hadn't been since last winter when her father had died in a hurricane in the carribean. Ever since then Katie had been hard and mean to everyone including her mother who until her farther had died had been more like her bestest friend in the world rather than her mother.

"I have to go mum" Katie shouted grabing an apple and running out the room with her bag before her mum had chance to ask what the dream was about or to start fussing over her. She grabbed her money, keys and phone in the hall before rushing out she had barely aloud her mum  to say bye before she was running down the streets to catch the bus.

The End

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