Granny Annie

Come meet our Granny, her name is Annie . . .

Granny Annie can knit anything and there's magic in every stitch! When her creations come to life, the result is a whole lot of chaotic fun!

Come meet our Granny - her name is Annie - and she knits the most fabulous things!
Not just mitts or a sweater, it gets even better!  What she knits is fit for a king!
Whatever you need, she can knit with great speed, and you’ll hardly believe your own eyes!
You’ll laugh and you’ll squeal, as what she knits becomes real!  And she always knits the right size!

It started one day when we came ‘round to play and we hadn’t brought any toys.
“Granny Annie”, we said, as we both scratched our heads. “What is there for us girls and boys?”
She looked all around but not a toy could be found, for all of her own kids had grown.
So she said to us two, “I know just what to do; I’ll knit you up some of your own!”

So, quick as a fox, she looked in her box for just the right kind of yarn.
And before you could blink, in a yarn of bright pink was a piggy complete with a barn!
While we played with that she knit up a cat and a horse, two dogs and a cow!
Soon we had a whole farm, all made out of yarn!  But I don’t think I’ll ever know how!

We sat down to play - we stayed the whole day - but soon to our own house we went.
But when we got there, it just wasn’t fair!  Our playtime was already spent!
We plopped down our things and they spread out in rings all over the living room floor.
We just didn’t care if we left them all there.  Isn’t that what our parents are for?

That night in our beds with farm friends in our heads, something magical must have occurred.
The very next day from outside where we play, a whole bunch of noise could be heard!
We flung open the curtain - we had to be certain - and there, sure enough, they all were.
The cow and the hogs, the barn and the dogs, not made out of yarn but with fur!

The yard was a mess!  We just couldn’t guess at what kind of harm had been done!
A cow had escaped, a goat smashed the gate and the chickens laid eggs by the ton!
We’re not being witty, but it just wasn’t pretty!  We’ll be honest and give you the scoop!
The yard was a wreck, and we had to say “yech”!  What we saw was a whole lot of poop!

We rubbed at our eyes at such a surprise, then we bolted straight down the stairs.
With coffee in cup, they were just waking up but both of our parents were there.
Through the window, a horse (who was hungry of course) was nibbling at mom’s ham and eggs.
Dad’s coffee was slurped by a pig who then burped, and a chicken was pecking his legs!

It couldn’t be right; it’s a trick of the light!  Knitted toys couldn’t get up and walk!
But just to be sure we took a small tour.  We both were too nervous to talk!
From the living room door we noticed the floor where our toys had been; now they were not.
“Our parents complain, but we’ve got them both trained!  They did a good job!” we both thought.

They had put stuff away at the end of the day.  Surely, that was the truth!
But what if it wasn’t?  What if that doesn’t explain all the marks caused by hoofs?
Mom and Dad looked upset and told us to get all those animals out of our yard.
But we liked them fine, especially the swine, and to give them up now would be hard!

“Mother, don’t worry.” we said. “If we hurry, we know who can fix this whole mess.”
So quickly we ate - this just couldn’t wait - and we wouldn’t have time to get dressed!
So we gobbled our toast, saving some for the goat, who was munching our mother’s prize roses.
Then we ran past those creatures with all of their features, stopping only to pat the pigs’ noses.

Then I simply froze when I saw that pig’s nose, for it wasn’t at all what I’d thought!
His skin looked like cotton, his nose a pink button.  It looked like one Granny had bought!
Then “oink” said the pig, his smile rather big, with mud all over his face.
I smiled at him too; it was then that I knew that some magic had just taken place!

We rushed down the street, quite anxious to meet with our Granny to just ask her how-
How could it be so?  We just had to know, so we had to see Granny right now!
We found her in bed and right by her head on the nightstand we saw her supplies.
We were tiptoeing out when we heard her shout, like she’d gotten a birthday surprise!

There in her hand was something quite grand; knitting needles that looked rather new.
But they had a strange glow and (wouldn’t you know?) they sparkled with magic dust too!
“Granny”, we said, as she leaped off the bed, “did you use those to make our new pets?”
“Why, yes!” she replied, with rather wide eyes. “And that’s why you’re here now, I’ll bet!”

We took her with us to see all the fuss and found Mom and Dad on the lawn.
The pets were still there but it just wasn’t fair!  All of Mom’s flowers were gone!
The goat, out of plants, was chewing Dad’s pants.  The grass was destroyed by the sheep.
The driveway was full of five cows and a bull and the pig in our car was asleep!

We felt rather bad that the fun we once had, resulted in such a big fuss.
When it came to the mess, it wasn’t a guess; we knew it would be up to us.
Mom was distraught and everyone thought, "Just what in the world can we do?"
Our Granny just sat, gave the doggies a pat, and her smile said that somehow she knew.

 She took out those needles and quick as a weasel, she had knit a hat and a head.
“I’d like you to meet, and quite warmly greet, our farmer whose name will be Ed.”
As her knitting took shape we knew it was great and soon the figure was clear.
The farmer stood tall and commanded them all, “Now all of you animals come here!”



In just a short time, they had all formed a line with the farmer leading the crew.
They marched up the street on their paws, hooves and feet, and they seemed to know just what to do.
One by one they were fed and then sent to bed on the soft hay that lay in the barn.
They let out their sighs, and then closed their eyes, and magically turned back to yarn.

Granny Annie just smiled, and sat there a while.  Then she turned and gave us a wink.
We said, “Granny how can yarn turn into a cow?”And she said, “Now what do you think?
“Imagination, I feel, can make anything real especially for young girls and boys.”
And at last we could see the strange things that can be, when we don’t put away our own toys!

Now listen my friends, that’s not where it ends!  Our adventures with granny get stranger!
Sometimes they’re funny, some win us money and sometimes she saves us from danger!
What fabulous things (is it treasure for kings?), will our granny named Annie create?
Though it’s fun you can bet, we can’t tell you yet!  For the next tale you’ll just have to wait!









The End

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