I scratched my head in frustration. F^ck I stayed up too late. I quickly jumped out of bed and tore off my clothes, tossing them across the floor. F^ck, now my room's a mess. I briskly changed into my boring school uniform.  Angry, I trudged to the kitchen and poured some cereal into a bowl.

"Mornin Bro", my sister said smiling cordially like she always did.

Ignoring her, I mustered all my strength to deny the weariness overwhelming me as I tried not to spill any of the milk on the floor.

"Morning Bro", she said, only this time a bit louder.

Ok what the hell, can't she get a clue. F^ck. I relieved an itch on my chest. Before my sister could say another word, I chugged my bowl of fresh out of the box cereal and sought out sanctuary in my good old computer located in the adjacent room. Noticing that I had a few more minutes left until the bus arrived, I felt pretty good. Finally, a day that's on my side... or so I thought. Suddenly, I felt a large jolt of electricity seering through my body. Look outside now.

OK I'm really pissed, not only am I feeling something that can only be described as a hellish, unrelenting pain but now I think I'm f^cking schizo with this effeminate voice in my head. I looked through the window anyway seeing I had nothing better to do... actually a nice game of tetris would have pleased me but I digress.

Holy s#%@, there was a chick stuck ontop of a tree.


The End

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