My Inner Hero


            World the in what? I thought to myself. I had woken up dangling from the ceiling of my bedroom and was clearly upside down. I struggled to free my long slender legs from the tight hold the ceiling had me in, and succeeded. I fell gracefully as I always do, head first onto my luxurious bed. I was quite puzzled. I’m pretty sure I was horizontal when I fell asleep.  Disoriented from what had just happened, I hopped of my throne and slid my size 4 feet into my rabbit skin slippers. They were a gift from father. He had personally skinned them alive for me. No one was as thoughtful as him. I slipped into my silk robe and headed towards the wash room. I stepped into the shower, grabbed my favorite sponge cloth and lathered it up with strawberry aroma therapy body wash. After all, it is made of ¾ pure moisturizers. I finished off with a scalp massage, a deep facial cleanser, rinsed off and hopped out of the tiny aqua filled chamber. I vigorously dried myself with my hand woven towel and dispensed a loony sized blob of homemade body lotion into my palm. Blood was the secret ingredient and there was lots of it.  A unique smell suddenly flooded my nostrils. I squinted my eyes and started sniffing consistently as I dramatically made my way to the kitchen. My Grand-Mother was slow cooking our neighbors. I gently closed my eyes and smiled. I simply could not wait until dinner time!


‘Luckily nobody noticed the nice couple down the street was missing’ I thought to myself as I patted my well fed stomach. However, the whole family noticed they were delectable. After indulging ourselves in all that fresh flesh, I decided to go for a stroll. I grabbed my seductive black trench coat and hopped onto my tricycle in two smooth motions (I fell on my rear end the first time) and then heard a loud noise. Oh no! A kitten in danger! A kitten in danger! One small meow was all I needed to hear and I was around the corner in a mere 2.18239375 seconds. When I got to the scene of the crime, I neatly set my tricycle aside. It did not matter the slightest bit how my tricycle was placed for two reasons: It was pitch black, and there was a kitten in danger! I whipped my head left then I whipped my head right and let out a low snarl.


I stared, pacing dramatically towards the tree and before I had time to acknowledge it, I had unleashed my inner hero. I jumped and grabbed onto the tree in a hug like position with my arms and legs wrapped around the trunk. I rested my head against the cool bark, and took a moment to smile to myself. Mother would be so proud! It took me 3 attempts to finally make it up the tree, but it was too late. I had scared the kitten and it ended up saving itself! Disappointed, I stood perched like a squirrel in the tree the whole night, wondering if someone would come to save me…

The End

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