Grandpa Gets High

    I don't know why, but I thought it would be a good idea to get grand dad out in the fresh air for a while.  The home had called me several times complaining about his behavior.  He had been more combative and disruptive than usual lately if you can believe it.  When I got to the reception desk, Janine, the nurses assistant, seemed agitated and embarrassment overtook me. 

    "What has he done now Janine?" I offered meekly, trying to sound sympathetic. 

    "Oh no," she offered reassuringly, "It's not him for once.  For some reason, several of our bed-ridden guests aren't responding to their mood elevating medication this morning.  They're all in a terrible state of depression." 

    I did my best to show concern on my face as I shuffled off towards grand dad's room.  I wasn't as convinced as Janine that the old codger wasn't involved. 

    He was sitting in a chair in his room wearing his heavy black work boots, and some awful looking dungarees that were ripped at both knees, held low on his bony hips by a thick black leather belt.  His frayed boxer's shorts were clearly visible protruding from the top of his pants.  He stared at me for a brief moment from behind a pair of darkly tinted spectacles; his right knee bouncing impatiently.

    "It's about time you little Mary.  Let's get out of here."  He chided as he sprung to his feet.

    "You can't go out like that!" I said in a panic, completely forgetting to interrogate him about the missing medication.  "At least put on a shirt!"

    He gave me an impatient grunt as he pulled on a sleeveless undershirt made out of some kind of red fishing net material, and covered it with his musty old motorcycle jacket.  "Happy now pit stain?"  He didn't wait for me to answer as he bounced down the hallway.  I really didn't need to ask about the missing medication. 

    Grandpa walked on ahead as I signed us out at Janine's desk.  I think she was happy to see him leaving for the day.  "Where did you say you were taking him?  Some kind of Medival festival?"

    "Sort of." I said cheerfully, "The Arts College is putting on a 20th Century festival.  I thought he would enjoy some popular music and dancing from the old days." 

    For some reason, Janine was shaking her head and chuckling as I ran to catch up with the old man. 

The End

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