The night I met your grandma we were all getting high on cough medicine...

"I don't know, I wasn't really paying attention," I admitted. The clock on the wall said 4:05, not much time had passed since I first arrived. I finally decided to ask the question that had been bugging me for years.

"Grand dad, how'd you meet grandma?" I asked nervously.

"Ah yes, the night I met your grandma. Well I was hanging with my band and she wanted an autograph. So I said sure whatever and signed a band picture. That night we went over to Tony (the drummer's) house, and got drunk. Well... in our "drunken rage" we decided to try to get high on cough medicine... She came along and tried some too, even though she wasn't drunk. We fell in love and the next day (after the hangover and sickness was gone) she asked me out. Of course I said yes.. and.. well, we took it from there."

"Thats uh.. a pretty, umm... interesting story," I checked the clock again. 4:54 PM. "Well grand dad, I must be leaving. I have to catch a flight to Detroit in an hour. See ya later."

"Peace dude!" my grandpa yelled after me.

The End

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