Grandpa EnoshMature

A grandpa teaches his young grandson a lesson.

“He told me one last story. He used his aged, ruined voice like an old man’s hands to pick a lock on his past.”

“Young one before I go I would like to tell you one last story. The stories of me as a young lad around the same age as you are now. I had just retired and decided and I decided to roam the land. I headed east to the green forests and jungles, south to the cold ice barren land, west to the dry desert of yellow rocks and then I headed north to the mountains. It was there were I faced a problem along the road.”

I walked north, carrying my backpack filled with a knife like John Rambo,

“Grandson I wish to give that all mighty knife after I pass.”

A wet stone to sharpen that knife and some spare clothes, I was wearing the white clothes of my religion, this was a robe held together by a brownish belt.

“Well from what I remember that is young son. Oh where was I? Oh yes the summer of 1850 in France talking to my madam.”

“Grandpa, you were telling me about how you were roaming the land.” Almost laughingly

“Oh yes,” smiling to himself.

I was wearing that white robe of my religion to show the pureness of my soul. I found a river so I baptised and then made a spear and started hunting fish.

“It was a skill that I acquired over the years Grandson; it will teach you many things if you learn how to use one.”

I took a deep breath and inhaled that pure air, with the beauty of trees around me. So magnificent,

After a few shots I caught a fish, it was a mullet.

I washed my hands and had a drink from the river, and then I scaled the fish and started a fire using my flint and cooked the fish.

“Sorry my memory is getting worse as I age; I forgot to mention I kept a flint with me. I remember the succulent taste of that fish so long ago.”

“All good Grandpa,” Giving him a kiss on the forehead

“All good Grandpa,” Giving him a kiss on the forehead

Ok so the fire was lit. I cooked the fish and started eating it. When I was midway through the dinner, someone came up behind me and tied me up and took me to a warehouse.

“Mind you if I was a teen I would have knocked him stone cold.”

So I was in the warehouse and this guy clad in black just decided to start torturing me. The first torture method was the electric belt.

“The pain, oh yes the pain that is what I remember.”

Every single time he stopped the torturing he would ask me,

“Give me the answers.”

“What answers? Grandpa”

“BE PATIENT YOUNG ONE!” his voice booming with anger and his age made him spit and cough.

Every second I was being tortured I kept on repeating these words, ‘Pain your best friend he is with you in the darkest of times and the happiest of times. He never leaves your side, so make it your best friend.’ He was still saying, “Give me the answers, Enosh?”

“How did he know your name?”

“Finally a good question, but my answer is terrible. I have no idea.”

So day after day he tortured me, each day was being worse, he kept on asking the same question,

“Give me the answers.”

The fifth day came, I was waiting for the torture in the morning but nothing came. Instead he brought a gun to my head. The barrel was aimed at my head, literally like right on my head. I looked at the gun it was a classic magnum so I tried this as my last hope,

“That is a classic magnum you got there.”


He started playing Russian roulette, the first bullet was gone and I was still alive.

“I remember the agony of hearing each shot click.”

The next shot came. Alive still. Next bullet was nothing. Alive. Three down and still alive. The following shot came, alive.

Leaning forward the grandson said eagerly, “So what happened? Grandpa.”

“Almost laughing to himself, “Young children so impatient these days. Well you can’t do much to stop it you are merely a child.”

“Grandpa I am fifty.”

“Yeah still a child to me.”

“How old are you grandpa then?”

“Me? I am three hundred and sixty five years old, how else do you think I can grow such a white and luscious long beard?”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Tell your parents for the documentation. I do not have the time, my breathe is going and I am starting to zone out. So back to the story”

Then I said to him trembling with fear, “Killing will solve nothing. What do you want?”

Crying the man said, “Apparently you have unimaginable wealth and you can help my youngest daughter who is very sick.”

“I grew up where none of my family had any wealth, but you know if you needed money you should have asked.”


“May I ask you what your name is?


“So what happened after that?”

“We became good friends and I helped his sick daughter and his family.”

“So what was I supposed to get out of that story?”

“When someone is eating food let them eat and then go attack them.”

“You should have seen the look of astonishment on your face,” Enosh said jokingly, “No the true reason I wanted to tell you this was because everyone is a good man in the heart. So go forgive your brother and become friends again.”

After he gave them his final kisses and hugs he asks Shitil the grandson he was talking to, to stay behind.

“Young one you shall be the one to be in bed one day and you shall be old and wise one day, live your life at its fullest.”

“Okay grandpa.”

They gave each other a final hug and then they left Enosh alone. He started grooming his luscious white beard and then he started humming to him one final tune before he left. The tune was not of glory, of hatred or of anger. It was a tune which put him at peace with the world. He was in bed, the sun was going down and he was humming that final tune until death took him. He knew when death was to come so he finished his tune on a high and then he left.

The smile was on his face and his eyes were open.

Shitil came in one last time and said to himself, “At least he died happily.” Then he shut his eyelids and walked out.

The End

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