Grandma's Kitchen

What yummy things are in grandma's kitchen?

Billy and Bob were going to grandma's house. "Boring!" Screamed Bob. "Zzzzz." Billy was pretending to be asleep. When they got to grandma's house, grandma welcomed them with a big hug. "Ewwww!" they backed away. "Learn you're manners, boys." Said grandma. "More like Grandman." Whispered Billy. "She honestly looks like a man!" Said Bob. "Rude little nuisances." Mumbled grandma.

"Dinner, dinner! We can't miss a winner!" screamed the boys. They had been watching football on tv and it was just about to end. They really wanted to see who won and wouldn't leave the room. "Grandman! Where are our chicken nuggets!"

Grandma walked in the room and gave the boys their dinner. "Peas and potato soup?! Grandma, I think you gave us the wrong dinner!" shouted Billy.

"Come, come my dear boys. I have some things to show you!" called grandma. The boys took their dinner into the kitchen where grandma was sitting at the table with a variety of crackers, spices, sauces, herbs, vegetables, cheese, tins of things and strange things in pots. All Billy and Bob had in their kitchen was ketchup and the usual stuff but grandma, she was different.

The End

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