Grandma Leprechaun

A tale of wit,charm and adventure

Emily woke up to birds chirping and cows mooing " wait i live in a city there are no cows there!" thought Emily then she remembered she was staying at Grandma's house (on a farm in England), " ugh i hate Grandma!" thought Emily. Emily's Grandma was nothing like your ordinary kind hearted Grandma, Emily's Grandma was bossy, irritating and very small in size! Emily wished she could have stayed with her Grandad in California he was so kind and friendly nothing like her Grandma!! Emily trudged down the stairs and into the kitchen, " why aren't you dressed" snapped Emily's Grandma "because i just got up" said Emily " what do they teach kids these days" Grandma muttered darkly. That night Emily looked out her window into Grandma's garden she could see Grandma picking vegetables and fruit, the moon was full and looked giant in the sky Emily could see Grandma was dressed in a pointed hat and a green dress with a black belt and green shoes with golden bells on the end of them, Emily opened the window a leaned out to take a closer look and that was when she noticed it wasn't Grandma and the dancing figure looked suspiciously like a Leprechaun!

The End

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