I guess this is how you share

I remember the day we realized we were going to lose her

It was a beautiful day

We just got done with a game of croquet 

James had the game winning shot 

He put my grandma through a wicket 

from all the way out by the clothes lines 

And I just basked in the sunshine

As they piled inside

To make hotdogs

It was lunch time

But then the sky's turn gray 

The forecast didn't call for rain that day 

So I ran inside to a commotion

Grandma yelling where the fuck are those wieners 

I laughed

I would've gotten slapped

If I would've said some shit like that

Let alone here it from the lady I held so dear

We turned around and found out

They were on the stove the whole time 

She was losing her mind

Circling the drain now

She doesn't even know my name now

I lost my grandma on that day in may

The End

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