Chapter Twenty - ...And Your Enemies CloserMature

Jack Blake strode confidently into the yawning doors of the Ocean View Hotel. He looked around the interior which had changed to include a large bar where the reception counter was. Three large Forelli men in dark suits raised their hands and gestured to the exit before Jack raised his badge.

“Got lost, pig.” The shortest spoke, his voice heavy with an Italian edge.

“I’m here to arrest Sonny Forelli on the charge of taxation fraud. If you stop me in anyway then you’ll be charged as an accessory.” Jack simple said, his right hand hovering over his holstered gun.

“Fuck you, asshole.” Said the largest man, his stomach seemed to bounce as he threw a powerful right hook. Jack grabbed his arm and punched him harder in the face. His nose broke as blood cascaded down his face. He clutched his face, falling backwards as more men stepped forward to confront Jack. Unperturbed, Jack awaited their attack. One gunshot and he could call in his men.

One particularly sweaty goon threw a right hook to which Jack ducked as it smashed into the face of a goon standing right behind him. Instead of waiting, he decided to run for the stairs to which the gunfire began. In almost an instant, the SWAT team burst in from the entrance and the windows and shot down the confused men who sprayed the ammo from their pistols in a confused manner.

A sea of blue flooded the dark lobby as Jack ascended the stairs to the hallway. Sonny stood at the opposite end of the hall, his eyes alight with anger and arrogance. How dare this pig ruin his place of living, he thought as Jack approached.

“Sonny Forelli. You are under arrest for taxation fraud. Surrender now or I’ll drag you out in a body bag.” He shouted, knowing the inevitable response.

Sonny laughed, darting to his room as a flood of his men blocked Jack’s path. Jack strode forward disarming one of the Forelli’s and firing the stolen sawn-off shotgun. The heavy shells had cut a path through the other men who fell into a bloody heap. The black carpet was then a dull crimson from the many dead due to the overpowered gun.

As his SWAT team cleared out the remaining rooms and searched for any other evidence against the Forelli’s, Jack followed Sonny who had escaped onto the roof. The hulking figure of Mike Forelli halted Jack’s progress. Whatever he had done in the past few years had left a permanent scar upon his face. Now, he looked more brutal than before.

With one sweep of his arm, Jack was thrown backwards. Mike then pulled out a gun and took aim. “Bye bye, pig” he spat as his mouth twisted into a violent smile.

Jack, with every fibre of his being, threw himself into Mike and knocked the gun from his grasp. Mike responded by trying to strangle him to which Jack kneed him in the testicles. The groan of pain made Mike curl into the fetal position as Jack scrambled to his feet and picked up his own Desert Eagle which was knocked some ways down the hall. As his back was turned, Mike pulled out another gun but in an instant, Jack spun around and shot him right between the eyes.

Jack called out to his men and alerted them he was chasing Sonny to the roof. In pursuit, the sound of rotary blades grew louder as he ascended the steps and to his surprise, two helicopters greeted him. Sonny stood tall, his hair blown into disarray by the strong winds.

“You should have left when you had the chance.” Sonny shouted, his voice clear over the noise. “I don’t have any problems with you.”

“I had a problem with you when you decided to come to my city and pollute these citizens with your bullshit drugs and asshole men. The Forelli’s are a fucking joke and you are the biggest joke of all.”

Sonny snarled in response. They exchanged shots before Sonny jumped onto the rails of the rising helicopter.  “I’m a little rusty on the family etiquette. But I’ll see you in Hell, copper.”

The second helicopter had swerved around and was accelerating at full pelt towards Jack. Instinctively, he fell to his back and fired three times at the approaching threat. The helicopter caught fire and crashed into the second chopper with Sonny jumping off at the last possible moment. The resulting crash exploded which sent debris crashing all around and it caused a car crash on the adjacent road. A plume of black smoked coloured the battlefield of Ocean View Hotel’s roof as both men stood aiming their weapons at each other.

“You destroyed my fucking chopper, you asshole” Screamed Sonny, his voice dangerous. His indigo blazer was almost burned off from the blaze. His own face was merely a canvas of smog.

“Bite me, scumbag. It’s all over.” He said, as the SWAT reached the roof all present and accounted for. Few of them limped; it appeared the Forelli men put up a decent fight.

Sonny threw back his head and laughed. He laughed even harder when he saw the Police Helicopter circle the rooftop.

“You.. you think you’ve caught me? ME? Sonny Forelli?” He barked, his voice noticeably hoarser from the mass black smoke that flooded his being. From a distance, he looked as though he was carved from the explosion himself. “I have so much clout in your chicken shit precinct that I could have all your badges lined up on my fucking mantelpiece. You assholes will never work in this town again. One bullet and your whole fucking world will come crashing down.”

Jack hesitated. Even with the reforms, he knew Sonny had enough connections to get out of this. To prove his point, Sonny threw down his weapon and dared the SWAT to use him as target practise.

“See? SEE? No man alive can touch me now. I OWN this fucking city!” Sonny declared manically. The words resonated darkly with Jack who still didn’t sheath his Desert Eagle.

A moments silence passed like an eternity before being broken by a loud report. The echo was immense; when Jack dreamed of this moment in later years, the report was so loud he felt he was going to go deaf.

A red rose bloomed in Sonny’s forehead as he slumped to his knees and into the gravel of the roof face first. Jack and the SWAT team looked around confused; none of them fired the bullet that killed him. A sense of triumph welled up within him as he and the SWAT team circled Sonny’s body. The rest of the police and the necessary departments would later turn up in a maelstrom of police tape while the public would form a sea around Ocean View Hotel just to see what had happened.

Jack descended the steps to find a place to sit. One of the passing officers spotted him and began asking him about the shoot out. Jack waved his hand and shook his head.

“No man... not now.” Jack had enough for the time being. “Ask one of the guys upstairs.”

“Rough day, huh?” The officer asked sardonically. He was a young recruit; probably hired as the newest captain took office.

“Not as rough as Sonny’s.” Jack responded simply. He couldn’t think of anything smart but after what he had gone through in the past two years, he decided he didn’t need to.

The End

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