Chapter Nineteen - Unfinished BusinessMature

In two years, a lot had changed for Tommy. He entered Las Venturas as a no one and now he had rose ranks in the Leone family. His perceived betrayal of Sonny Forelli was surprisingly seen as noble due to the old families’ hatred of him. Tommy however insisted the entire deal was a setup and thus, Salvatore decided to be fairer on him. Working for both the Don and Mike Toreno was tiring but fruitful; following a recent errand he managed to claim a stake in Caligula’s Palace which generated enough income to buy a fancier home and even fancier suits. If it wasn’t for the burning rage he had for Sonny and the wariness he’d want to track him down, Tommy would have forgotten about Vice City altogether. He doubted the Leone’s would protect just one man; particularly as he had proven more competent than the supposed ‘made men’.

He opened the front door of his new home; grateful he had a couple of days of peace ahead of him.  However, a shadow emerged from the kitchen to which Tommy raised his gun instinctively. Dressed in a black suit similar to Tommy’s, Mike Toreno stepped out into the light with the same nonplussed expression as always.

“Tommy, Tommy. You’ve been a busy boy I see.” He began, paying no attention to the fact Tommy was still holding the gun.

“Damnit Toreno.” He dropped the gun onto the table and slammed the door behind him. “How did you get into my house?”

“I think the more important question is ‘Why don’t you ever lock your backdoor?’”

Tommy rubbed his eyes and collapsed onto the sofa in his lounge. “What do you want now?” He asked, his voice tired and annoyed.

“I hear Salvatore is quite fond of you these days.” Toreno responded, leaning on the doorframe to the lounge.

“So what? He won’t help me out in Vice.”

“Oh, I know. Salvatore won’t ever touch drugs even if you dropped him into a pile of cocaine.”

Tommy stood up, angry. “You KNEW this whole time?”

Toreno nodded gravely. “Yep, I don’t think Cortez knew the Italians were very fond of sticking to their word.” He casually looked around Tommy’s house and chuckled to himself. “But, you have proven yourself quite useful Tommy.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, having Salvatore around here has kept some of America’s enemies under the thumb. Let’s just say there’s a few people much worse that wanted Caligula’s and we just can’t have that. You have been an asset to both me and the people of America, Tommy. Believe it or not!”

Tommy seethed with rage but remained quiet. He felt like he had been used and that the previous two years meant nothing.

“You’re a prick, you know that Toreno? A prick. No different to the rest of the suited assholes you work with.”

Toreno merely laughed. “It’s the ‘suited assholes’ that have kept the Forelli’s from tracking you down. Anyway, it looks like your old friend will be the kingpin of Vice City.”

A moment of silence passed slowly by. Tommy blinked but said nothing.

“Victor’s dead, Lance is in jail and Ricardo Diaz is too doped up to even care anymore.” Toreno counted them off as though they were injured football players. “If I know Sonny Forelli then he’ll take advantage and your little revenge fantasy will be just that. Also” He looked at Tommy, cool as always. “Protecting you from a plus size mob might not be in my best interests.”

With that, Toreno left and disappeared almost instantly. As his mind flooded with thoughts, he knew he’d have to face Sonny Forelli. New life or not, it was time to take charge.


Jack called up Tommy that very night and both discussed their plans to attack the Forelli mob once and for all. With the blue fury of SWAT on his side, Jack knew he had to strike soon lest the Forelli’s take their chance and take over all of Vice City. Tommy knew that an all-powerful Sonny Forelli would spell his future out in concrete shoes.

Through the work of the police accountant, Jack was able to find out that the Forelli’s owed millions in unpaid taxes and had not declared where their vast riches had come from. It was a mundane charge but it gave him an excuse to barge down Ocean View Hotel (now a fortified home) and take down Sonny Forelli. The Leone connection had been a bust; Tommy told him Salvatore didn’t want to visit Vice let alone meet with Sonny. The concept of letting the two gangs kill each other off was a doomed concept and thus, they had to plan around it.

This time around, Jack Blake had a full SWAT team behind him. All of them were fresh faced men in their late twenties; many transferred from San Andreas where they saw plenty of action in the Grove Street/Ballas rivalry. What a difference a new congressman makes, thought Jack gleefully.

Jack set up operations and decided to attack that very day. Tommy, who was minutes from boarding a flight to Vice City, had merely said to save some Forelli’s for him. Jack smiled and set off for his precinct. Tommy owed him nothing now and Jack had no commitments to him in return. However, Jack couldn’t legally take down Sonny personally and he knew Tommy could. But having him out in the open could spark a bloody reprisal which passing civilians might bear the brunt of. The issue of Sonny and his many influences in law is a bridge he’d cross when he got to it.

Jack decided that when he was involved, he’d stop at nothing to get his man.

The End

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