Chapter Eighteen - Escape From DowntownMature

The elevator in Vance’s skyscraper halted on the tenth floor so Lance and his men had to run down the last few stairs. Lance was a bundle of sweat; his white suit was stained with the blood of his brother which reminded him forcibly of Cain slewing Abel.

As they finally escaped, a dark blue Cheetah screeched into their path. The tall, imposing figure of Jack Blake stepped out as his sunglasses shined in the afternoon sun. He looked from the corpse of Victor who was cruelly impaled by several shards of glass on the sidewalk to the anxious face of his brother. Victor was finally dead though Jack did not celebrate; now he had the others to deal with.

In a split second, Lance dived into his Infernus with one of his men and disappeared in a cloud of exhaust. His remaining men took off like pieces of mercury by the sound of approaching. Jack swung back into his car and took off in hot pursuit; one down and one to go he thought, cynically.

As Lance’s Infernus almost broke the sound barrier, Jack kept on his tail as he took to the open road down Little Havana. The goon broke Lance’s window amid protests and fired his Kruger at Jack’s Cheetah. Bullets dented his bonnet but he did not deter from the chase.

“Oh come on!” Jack yelled in protest. “Fifth time this week!”

Darting between cars, Lance tried driving in the other lane. Jack became nervous; what if he caused a crash with an innocent? He floored it, getting closer to the Infernus despite the heavy gunfire. In one swift movement, Jack leant out his window and fired his Desert Eagle at the attacking goon who fell from his door and rolled under the tires of a passing dump truck. 

“Looks like someone has a crush!” Jack said, smiling to himself.

Sensing Jack approaching, Lance swerved expertly onto Starfish Island. Diaz’s mansion was not far ahead now and he was almost safe. Jack had others ideas; he slammed his car into the rear left of the Infernus which spun out and crashed spectacularly into the solid gate that guarded the island. Lance tried to escape though he was dazed from the crash. But a swift, powerful punch knocked him down once and for all. Jack kept his gun trained on the barely conscious Lance as he read him his Miranda Rights. Maybe now the Police Force would accept him again, he thought but he dared not hope.


Jack had plenty of reasons to be hopeful. The death of Victor Vance was a drop in the ocean in the media compared to Jack hauling in Lance. He took it upon himself to remind his new captain that this spelled the end of the Vance Crime Family and it was a blow to the Diaz Gang operations too. His captain reluctantly conceded he was correct and awarded him his badge. Both Mitch Baker and Phil Cassidy had called him to congratulate him for this; Jack felt it strange that two criminals would be applauding him, though he was glad of their assistance and they were glad of his promise to let their little issues slide.

The trial of Lance Vance was a worldwide sensation; cops and criminals alike testified against him due to his notoriety on the criminal underground. Being an ex-junkie didn’t help either. He knew this time there’d be no getting out of this.

Following his reinstatement on the Force, Jack made it clear he wanted to focus on the Forelli mob. Due his newfound fame of taking down one half of the Vance Family, no one argued otherwise. Washington Beach had become a Little Italy comprised of violent, brutal mobsters who practically ran the city. Jack had one ace in the hole however. As he returned home from another day of adulation and praise, he called up Tommy Vercetti. It was time to sort this out once and for all.

The End

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