Chapter Sixteen - Vice City, 1988Mature

Two Years Later

In 1988, Vice City had seen a multitude of change. Firstly, Pastor Richards, the supposed ‘saviour’ of decent human beings fled to Hawaii with his donations leaving hundreds of confused (and idiotic) followers in his wake. Jeremy Robard, the ‘self help’ magician, was found fitted with concrete shoes just off the Leaf Links Golf Course; it had been said he ran into financial problems and thus made a deal with the wrong people. Love Fist returned to the Hyman Memorial Arena, this time supporting David Lee Roth on his Skyscraper tour. A riot broke out during their set however, thanks to the free alcohol provided by V-ROCK and their new DJ.

A woman known to locals as ‘Auntie Poulet’ was found dead during a war between the Haitians and the Cubans. It was believed that the Cubans had help from the Vance Family though policing had little evidence to show for it. The Haitian gang collapsed soon after and their territory soon became part of the Cuban’s turf.

The Forelli Mob had taken over Vice Point, sparking fears that a gang war would erupt between them and the Diaz Gang. The Vance Family had remained out of the public eye; at least on the East. The newly revitalized Mitch Baker’s Bikers had declared war on the Vance Family’s businesses. With help from Phil Cassidy and Jack Blake, they pushed them slowly out of Downtown. Victor responded by purchasing the skyscraper originally owned by the Mendez brothers and fortifying it with hundreds of hired goons. After the betrayal of Lance, Victor had become more insular and cold to those around him and was known to be very cruel to those who displeased him.

Meanwhile, the Diaz family took advantage of the absence of Cortez and silently expanded into both Eastern and Western Vice. Lance, now a made man in the eyes of Diaz, was instrumental in securing the Boatyard for discreet exporting and importing. Diaz rarely left his mansion since the gunshot wound he sustained had crippled him so Lance was left to run the business. Still sober and as slick as a Downtown businessman, Lance expanded the Diaz gang without even resorting to pointless gang violence; a clear contrast to his brother’s ethics.

In San Andreas, Tommy was settling down into life as Mike Toreno’s gun. What amazed Tommy was Toreno’s gift for getting the impossible done. Recently, he somehow managed to arrange a helicopter to pick up Tommy during his lone assault on the De Nang Boys, when he was bombarded with enough firepower to take down the army. This scene of Jack Howitzer-style carnage was made more impressive by the disturbing lack of police attention which Tommy attributed to Toreno’s influence.

It was this that gained him favour with the Leone Family who were in Las Venturas for a business opportunity. Salvatore met him soon after evading the Da Nang gang members and offered him more work despite his Forelli heritage. Calling up Jack, he spoke of his progress and how Toreno was helping him gain favour.

“Just get it sorted” said Jack. War on the Vance Family was at a critical point and the Forelli’s affairs hadn’t registered. Plus, his precinct had a new police chief appointed and Jack had not made the best impression on him. Remembered incidents with past police chiefs, he expected to turn in his badge any day now.

Tommy clenched the phone angrily. He had been working tirelessly under Toreno who could have solved the Forelli problem in five seconds. The issue was Toreno did not see that as his problem.


Victor looked out onto Vice City through the same window where he had once taken down his old boss and his one-time paymaster. It’s funny how times had changed, he thought wistfully.

In two long years, Mitch Baker’s Bikers aided by that damn Jack Blake had eliminated all the progress he and his hired men had made. The worst part was Lance had turned on him and allied with his biggest rival while spilling many of his secrets. Victor reigned in his enterprise; hoping to attract less attention but other gangs then decided to take a bigger slice. He asserted his dominance by disrupting a shipment at the boatyard and stealing almost $4,000,000 in H.

He spied the rising sun in the distance. Maybe today was going to be a good day after all.


Diaz rose out of bed, groggy from the painkillers and the little sleep he was blessed with. His hip ached dully though the fire of true agony was merely an ember for the time being. He hoped he’d have a better day than yesterday. A shipment of H was disrupted and his remaining men were lucky to escape from the carnage. They reported to Lance that his brother’s men had ambushed them and cut them down before they even knew what was happening.

Lance had told him this the night before. Having had a broken sleep punctuated with opiates; Diaz felt he had made up his mind. Reaching for his phone and dialling for Lance, he decided to test his true loyalties.

“Lance” Diaz said, his voiced pained and devoid of the raw anger of which he was once known. “I need a favour done. Do this and you’ll be made for the rest of your life.”

Lance said nothing as he sat down in his lounge. Last year’s bust managed to fund this classy home on Prawn Island. He was twenty minutes from Diaz and not far from the mainland where most of his work took place.

“The Vance Family has gone on long enough. I think it’s time we ended their dealings before they fuck up another of our acquisitions.”

Lance spoke though the words seemed to drift from his mouth without effort. “Sure thing, boss. Sure thing.”

Inside, he felt this day was going to happen. Bringing his fists down onto his coffee table angrily, he cursed loudly. Why, thought Lance, why did you put me in this position, brother?

The End

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