Chapter Thirteen - One Bad Turn Deserves AnotherMature

Diaz struggled out of the film studios on Prawn Island. Due to the sucker punch from the Streetwannabes, he now needed a cane to get around. Fucking assholes, Diaz thought bitterly. At least they were all gone now; he had set his men on them at the North Point Mall with some help from hired hands Patrol Investment Group. Now, northern Vice City was under his control.

The Film Studios had been a surprising success. The El Burro movies sold like Giggle Cream in the seedy underground of pornographic movie lovers. In fact, he practically owned Prawn Island now due this his renovations on the dilapidated mansions. Now, his men patrolled the island at all hours and thus, he slowed down any advances the Vance Family would have wished to have made.

Diaz left in his helicopter after taking one last look at his film studios. Having a legitimate source of income wasn’t a bad thing at all, he mused. A quick twenty minutes passed and he arrived home on Starfish Island. The blue-shirted figure of Mike greeted him as he disembarked; he never spoke to him unless it was an emergency of some sort.

“What do you want?” Diaz asked bluntly. His hip was hurting and he needed painkillers badly.

“One of Vance’s men is here” He said, rubbing his hands together nervously. “Said he wants a word with you.”

Frowning, Diaz set off to the lounge within his mansion. He wanted his medication though he was curious to know why one of his rivals would want to be right in his backyard. His hip protested with every step though he kept on walking regardless.

Lance was seated in his favourite easy chair with one long leg crossed over the other. Rather than protest, Diaz sat opposite and put a heavy pistol on the table before him as to assert his dominance.

“Now” He began, sizing up Lance. “You either tire of life or you have something that interests me.”

Lance uncrossed his legs and sat forward. His exterior was cool, calm and collected; as though he had no worries in the world. His brother’s words still burned in his mind though he ignored the thoughts and concentrated on Diaz.

“I know of a deal happening in Vice Point under your very nose. Crash it and maybe you’ll gain the upper hand on your rival”

Diaz laughed as much as he could. Luckily, one of his men had passed him an oversized carton of pills. He ate them as though they were candy and he finally found some relief. Despite the opiate high, he kept his mind focused on Lance.

“And why would the suited half of the Vance Family want to help me?”

Lance pulled out his own pistol and placed it next to Diaz’s own Colt.

“The Vance enterprise is...” He paused briefly for effect. “a chicken shit operation. I want to aim higher except Victor seems determined to keep us as gatekeepers for the Cubans.”

“That’s all well and good. But how do I know you can be trusted?” Diaz eyed Lance with mistrust. It seemed too good to be true though he had allied with worse people. “I deal with dickheads all the time. How are you any different?”

Lance however, merely laughed. He outlined the deal in Vice Point and promised Diaz a good payoff.

“That’s all I know” Finished Lance finally. “I know everything except with whom the deal is with. My guess is either the Triads or some European Gang but why either would operate so far out of their comfort zones...”

Diaz waved him quiet. “You’ll go with some of my men. If you do good, then maybe we’ll do more in the future. But if you fuck with me,” He stood up. “even your brother won’t be able to save you”

Lance departed later with some of Diaz’s men. Diaz watched them leave and then headed straight to bed. The pain had struck him again in a furious wave and being awake was too much for him now.


The deal took place at Apartment 3c in one of the blocks at Vice Point. Lance and some of Diaz’s men watched Victor’s men enter as they waited for the second party. Not long after, a group of tacky Hawaiian shirted men entered with uncommon arrogance in their steps. Lance and his men entered last uninvited; after a short interlude of confusion and a mass hail of gunfire, he and Diaz’s men escaped unscathed with the money and the drugs. When the police arrived much, much later, they discovered a pile of bloody corpses and no leads which to go on. Jack Blake and a small group of detectives knew what had happened but the culprit was unknown to them. Jack guessed Diaz though how he would know of a deal between the Forelli’s and the Vance Family was a mystery.

Lance returned to Starfish Island a new man in Diaz’s eyes. The deal was fortuitous in their favour; 80K and enough China White to keep Vice Point under a wave of sugar. Plus, the icing on the cake, they tarnished the relations between the Forelli’s and the Vance Family. Diaz was ecstatic as he sent Lance on more errands for his organization. He smiled as he believed this was another masterstroke on his part; soon he’d have Victor’s operations in tatters.

Author’s Note: After months of bullshit, Lance had defected to Diaz! A much different outcome to the OT where Lance attempts to murder Diaz for his whacking of Victor. As well as wiping out any chance of Sonny (already paranoid thanks to Tommy and Jack) and Victor (now a cold-hearted business man) making a partnership, Diaz has now gained a powerful new ally.

Also, Apartment 3c is an Easter Egg (which was a reference to Scarface) for those who managed to find some of Vice City’s secrets.

The End

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