Chapter Eight - Unplayable LieMature

It was a cool night as Jack and Tommy scoured the Leaf Links Golf Club. A dense darkness hung over the vast acres as they walked deeper into the expanse. Jack felt strange; something felt completely wrong. He pictured Kent Paul in his mind bleating with a strange confidence about this meeting. It may have been nothing but Jack always trusted his gut instinct.

“Where are those pricks?” Asked Tommy, more to himself than anything. He wore a dark leather jacket over a plain t-shirt; both agreed he needed to blend in a little better. A Hawaiian shirt was bound to attract trouble, even in Vice City.

A huddle of people stood by the shooting range. Though they were merely dark figures almost cut into the night, Jack recognized them as Forelli gang members.

Jack however put his arm out and stop Tommy.

“Wait” he whispered.

Soon, they were joined by more large figures. They all appeared to be in good spirits; waving their guns and Cuban cigars. However, neither Diaz nor his men appeared to be a part of them. Neither was Sonny Forelli himself.

“Tommy, something is wrong”

“You don’t say...” Tommy spat on the ground.

“Hehe, keep your friends close, Thomas”

In an almost superhuman movement, Jack twisted and dropped backwards; firing his two Desert Eagles at the three men who attempted to ambush them. Tommy was surprised by Jack’s movement, but turned to shoot the last man standing. All three were thrown back by the sheer force of the bullets into a bloody haze.

The firefight alerted the remaining Forelli’s who seemed overjoyed at the prospect of whacking both Tommy and Jack. A modified Infernus shot towards them in a blur; Jack fired off a round at the window screen as it flew off a rising into a group of Forelli’s and exploded into a fiery pyro. Tommy chased down two goons who were prepping a rocket launcher. They managed to shoot off one rocket, which twisted widely in the wind and into the driving range which resulted in an even larger explosion. A large black plume wafted over the scene of dead mobsters and car debris.

“I knew tonight was gonna go off with a bang!” Said Jack, giving chase to two goons who decided better of attacking him. Tommy followed, picking off one of the fleeing men with a practised aim.

“Where the Hell are the police in all this?” Shouted Tommy as they ran.

Jack didn’t answer. The lack of funds for the police department meant they couldn’t hire new recruits; plus the older officers seemed concerned with the minor crimes and the Sharks in Vice Point. It was a depressing place to work when his captain would actively discourage him from pursuing the major cases. If he’d have had his way, the Vance Family would never have been a huge influence as they are now.

Jack wondered, who cared about a little fireworks at the golf course?

The remaining Forelli’s dived into a Comet and screeched off into the night. In hot pursuit, Jack and Tommy thundered on in Jack’s Cheetah. Sliding around the empty block, the Comet cut through the peaceful night air as the Cheetah kept on its tail. They fired back several rounds; Jack’s vehicle was used to such bombardment, Jack had flashbacks of previous shootouts as he aimed his Desert Eagle at the rear tire and fired. The tire shredded from the bullet skidded uncontrollably as the car flew off into the back of the Malibu. Both men jumped out but only one avoided the stinging explosion; the other rolled over; his face streaming with blood.

Jack got out the Cheetah and hurried over to the goon. Nearly dead, Jack thought. He dragged up the man by his shirt; his face was a canvas of harsh lines and empty eyes. A heavy moustache covered his entire upper lip, seemingly on a mission to cover his entire mouth.

“Sonny sends.. his regards” He struggled, his words seem to crawl from his mouth slowly. Then he was gone.

Tommy looked down at the dead Forelli and kicked him hard in the shin.

Jack looked to the corpse and then to Tommy. Vice Point had become too unsafe; the Forelli’s influence seemed to have spread further than he thought.

“I’m going to send you to a contact of mine” He said, finally.

“What about you?” Tommy reloaded his gun unconsciously. Suddenly, he felt annoyed he couldn’t just gun down Sonny there and then.

“I’m going to the precinct. Maybe I can sort out something with my captain.”

“I thought your station was corrupt?”

Jack shrugged. “My captain is something else. A lot of the men there still respect him regardless. Maybe I can try and get them to shut down some of the Forelli’s operations. I gotta try at least.”

Try as he might, the Forelli influence was spreading through Vice City. Rumours spread that the Malibu was being bought by Sonny. Soon enough, they’d have the whole south side under their control. Then the real problems would begin.

The End

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