Chapter Seven - The Mob RulesMature

In just over a week, the Forelli mob headed by Sonny set up home in the Ocean View Hotel. Purchasing a Mansion on Starfish Island was impractical due to the close proximity of the Diaz gang. They brought out the hotel; filling every room with as many Forelli exports as possible. Soon, many of the businesses were headed by the mob and so was their security. The entire block began to resemble a Miami Little Italy; Sonny didn’t want it any other way. The purchase of the Pole Position Club however, was merely a vice to satisfy those who grumbled about living in mere apartments.

Just over the pond, the Diaz Gang had expanded onto Prawn Island and into the pornographic business. The deal with the Streetwannabies, though shaky, was holding up and thus, they were able to spread their influence through northern Vice Point. Diaz had even met with their leader in the hopes of organizing an attack on the Vance Family; there had even been some talk of hiring Mitch Baker’s bikers though he rebuffed them coldly. Their struggle with the Vance Family was their own fight.

The Vance Family themselves began to take over Downtown. Now, men in sharp suits representing the gang were strolling through the upper city with no fear. Only the bikers seemed to repel them if they came near the Greasy Chopper. Like the Forelli’s, they ran a security racket which made The Well Stacked Pizza, the drug store and the assorted shops generate income for them. The only drawback was the odd conflict with the Patrol Investment Group who were angry due to the loss of their jobs.

A minor altercation on the Prawn Island/Downtown Bridge almost escalated before police intervention. Some of the Streetwannabes had angered a group of the Vance Family goons and thus, gunfire was almost inevitable. Ricardo Diaz heard about the situation and decided action was needed in time. For now, he was only concerned with the Forelli influence on Ocean Beach. It wouldn’t be long before they decided to throw their weight around.


Back in Vice Point, Jack Blake was planning his next move with Tommy. He was annoyed with Tommy buying a cache of weapons; when Jack was shown, he revealed to Tommy his closet lined with every assault rifle, Glock and Desert Eagle imaginable. “You can only get in here through a code, but what I have here is better than any of those water pistols you at ‘nation’ he had told Tommy. Despite his slight-condescending manner, Tommy was impressed. Nothing like preparing for a rainy day, he thought.

Jack Blake cleared his throat as Tommy watched another episode of Yuppie and the Alien. He’d been waiting all day for Jack to return from chasing another lead.

“I met with a local snitch. He seems to have the dirt on the Forelli’s. God knows how but he’s never let me down before” Jack said, nonchalantly cleaning and reloading his Glock. “He knew your lawyer; his name is Kent Paul. He’s easy to spot. He’s the first Englishman to visit Vice City since Phil Collins”

Tommy nodded, gripping onto an assault rifle. Having a weapon made the city seem a little less daunting. However, the rage still burned within him; he was sick of sitting around waiting to die.

“I’m keeping some guys on the lookout. I know we can’t hit Sonny directly; he’s too well guarded and one fuck up means we’ll be caught out.”

“Small comfort” snapped Tommy.

“Anyway” Continued Jack. “We can cripple his empire. The only problem is, my precinct seem too apprehensive to do anything about them. Your guys must have my superiors greased really good.”

“So what are you gonna do?”

“What I always do” Jack cocked his Glock. “I’m gonna hit them hard, be forced to turn in my badge and then save the day and be a hero” His voice was heavy with irony.

Tommy snorted. “Like Jack fucking Howitzer. Now, you gonna tell me who these assholes are so we can get this over already?”

“Several Forelli goons are planning a meet at Leaf Links. The rumour is Sonny is planning to meet with Diaz for a merger. It’s unlikely Diaz will stand any competition but with the Vance mob on the rise... who knows?”

Tommy rolled his eyes. Every man worth his salt was taking a slice of the action and he was stuck with a price on his head and a maverick cop bent on being Jack Howitzer.

Jack saw this and spoke more sternly. “If they do work together, then you’re basically fucked. You’ll never be able to leave Vice City unless they build a runway on the beach. If they wage war on the Vance Family then... it’s all going to Hell. The police already have; may as well hightail it to San Andreas. Even Liberty City isn’t this bad, I mean they threw you in the pen!”

“Wait.. why are they meeting at a fucking golf course? Wouldn’t that leave them out in the open?”

Jack shrugged. “They don’t allow weapons and it’s a large expanse of land. Just ask all the homeless they shove off every weekend.”

Tommy changed the channel on the television absentmindedly. An advertisement for the current Love Fist tour flashed angrily on the screen.

“The deal is on tomorrow; we’ll sneak in and strike them. We’ll take out Sonny and you can get out of here.”

As the sun set outside, a brilliant amber glow shone through the window. Tommy looked out onto the empty streets and wondered. Just a week ago he was a free man and now, he was back under the thumb of a cop. Jack took a beer from the fridge and popped the lid. Looking out onto the sunset, he knew that even if he could take down Diaz and Sonny, the Vance problem still remained. The blatant corruption of his precinct basically meant his cowboy cop days were numbered.

Jack took one long drink and tossed the bottle. Tomorrow was going to be difficult, no matter the outcome.

The End

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