Chapter Six - Eight Bit HitMature

As Jack and Tommy drove off to Jack’s safehouse in Vice Point, a tall, dark man watched them as they disappeared into the neon. Suspicion rose within him as he stormed to the nearest payphone and gave his boss a call. He felt today was going down the tube.

“Sonny? It’s Mike” He began, his voice harsh from years of smoking,
“Hey, hey brother! Did you manage to track down our dear friend Tommy?”
Sonny always sounded so upbeat; it was hard to tell if he was going to lose his temper or if he was just simply in a good mood.
“Yeah” He responded, deadpan. “I think we may have a little problem. I just saw him in the back of of a cop’s car. Some Howitzer named Jack Blake... he’s famous round here”
Sonny stirred in his seat. Jack Blake was one of those who put away his cousin Giorgio; if Tommy sang like a bird then his operations in Vice City could be all for nothing.
“Mike” Said Sonny, suddenly. “Go buy us a Mansion on Prawn Island. Me and the boys are coming down for a little visit. Meanwhile, I want you to let Ken Rosenberg know he’s gonna witness history in the making.”

Mike hung up, smiling slightly. With his eye on the local Well Stacked Pizza restaurant, he decided that today was going to be good after all.


As Mike Forelli made his call, Jack and Tommy drove in silence along Vice Point. Jack had a safehouse among the many apartments and condos; he decided to keep Tommy safe there until he could figure out the whole mess. The Forelli mob would figure out eventually that Tommy was on speaking terms with an officer; no criminal would want to associate with him.

Tommy broke the silence suddenly, pulling out a huge cellphone from his back pocket. The wonders of modern technology and their chunky wonders, thought Jack.

“I gotta give my lawyer a call. He’s as much a target as I am”

Jack nodded. “Just don’t tell him where we’re going.”

Tommy returned the nod and dialled his lawyers number. A frantic Ken responded, his hectic voice filling the car.

“Tommy! TOMMY? You gotta get down here fast!”

“Ken, have you been hitting the cocaine?”

Jack eyed Tommy disapprovingly; any talk of drug abuse tended to disgust him.

“TOMMY! One of the Forelli’s is trying to kick my door down! For Christ’s sake! Get down here! Fate is shovelling even more shit in my face. Damnit, Tommy!”

“Hold on!” Tommy said sternly. He looked to Jack who hit a handbrake turn and sped off to Washington Beach. He knew of Rosenberg and his ambulance-chaser reputation, but letting an ‘innocent’ man die due to inaction was just not his style.

They reached Ken’s office swiftly; together, they rushed in to Ken’s office. His wailing practically led them both; as they barged through the remains of his office door, they were greeted with the snarling figure of Mike Forelli who was holding a gun to the head of Ken. Ken was trembling; whether it was from fear or from a recent hit of cocaine was anyone’s guess.

“Hmm, we meet again Tommy. Maybe I should have told this fucking creep no guests” Mike spat, glaring at Jack Blake. Jack was unpopular to all factions of the mob.

Tommy stepped forwards, though Mike increased his grip on his pistol. Ken whimpered, his entire body stiff lest he give Mike a reason to plug him.

“Take it easy, asshole” Jack weighted his words. He knew Mike to be very trigger happy.

“Ah, fuck this” Mike pulled the trigger. Ken Rosenberg fell over in a fusillade of blood. Both men were stunned into silence as Mike laughed heartily.”Arrivederci Thomas!” He aimed his pistol at Tommy, who missed the responding bullet by inches; Jack had pulled him down. Tommy ruefully wondered why he had not picked up a gun as Jack fired several bullets at a fleeing Mike. Somehow, despite his size, Mike was very agile and had darted through the office door into the streets. As Tommy took one last look at his fallen lawyer, Jack took off in pursuit but sadly, Mike had already disappeared.

“Oh fucking Hell, Ken” said Tommy angrily. He had a bad feeling in his stomach; the Forelli’s were coming. And boy, was he going to be ready for them.

Jack waited outside for the police to arrive. As he guarded the entrance of the office from the prying public, he allowed Tommy to slip out through the side entrance and told him the address of the safehouse in Vice Point. He knew Tommy wouldn’t disappear; his only other link to Vice City was just murdered and now he had no safety net. However, he didn’t know that Tommy had already made plans to visit Ammunation before following his plan.

Soon after the crime scene had been cordoned off, Jack took off to the station to type up a report on the incident. He had no faith the case would be pursued; he had long held suspicions that the higher ups had been taking bribes (certain cases being dropped against high ranking mob members being an obvious red flag). Also, he had neglected to tell his captain he was working with a known criminal.

It said a lot about law enforcement that an honest cop would trust a criminal over his own precinct.


Author’s Note: Some of you may recognize Mike ‘Lips’ Forelli from his cameo in GTA 3. His only appearance (circa 2001) in an early mission resulted in his death and the eventual disintegration of the Forelli mob (at this time in 1986 however they are the most powerful. Time flies!). I had to pad out his character slightly so I made him a psycho.

As you can tell, Forelli has become more paranoid. The police intervention of the original bust and now his own man seen with a detective means Sonny has truly snapped. Tommy is on his hit list and thus, this hit by Mike Forelli means Tommy is dependent on Jack Blake for protection.

Ken Rosenberg is dead! Tommy’s biggest ally bites the dust (unlike the original timeline where he survives past 1992). Here, Tommy loses his links to Cortez, Avery Carrington and many others Ken introduces him to.

The End

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